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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 12, 2011 2:54 PM Flag

    World Gold Council members knew Pascua fraud 1 decade

    Sorry roullete player...

    Misguided reader...

    This is what you come up with, in defense of Barrick and compadres at WGC? in the middle of the biggest expose of fraud at exchanges worldwide by ABX?

    you must be some worried petty player hereat are you not?

    What would you do as good citizen if you saw pillage at your corner's store? tell the store owner to shut his trap & put up?

    misguided project of a citizen, ugly shadow of a regular citizen respectful of the law.

    There is plotting and complotting at the top always, not as an exception, but as a norm, as absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

    Please do not try to be the self appointed marshall of the field, calling a simple board messenger, a bad person.

    I am here to expose fraud, rampant fraud by ABX to SEC, TSX, NYSE and shareholders worldwide and you?

    to make $ of fraud?

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    • You are even farther along the path to insanity than I had suspected.

      Buy a pharma stock instead playing the miners, lord knows if you aren't already a regular customer you should be

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      • We all have our opinions but PF is right. ABX has been fighting this Pascua ownership in chile for 10 years. You may not like what PF says but there is truth to it. Andy Llyod has gone on record saying ABX is still dealing with the ownership issue. Mr Lopehandia clearly has titles in his name to claims which ABX included as theirs. Try reading the reports by two expert Chilean mining surveyors which was already published on the forum that show ABX never owning these claim. The report goes on to say Mr Lopehandia is on title to the disputed claims.

        Why do you ignore such obvious facts?

        Lot of info at

        ABX isn't telling you the full truth and is quiet because this is a serious problem for them IMHO.

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