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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 20, 2011 1:53 PM Flag

    Homestake-Barrick Pascua fraud to be enforced worldwide

    ABX is a JV with HM, HM% of the JV will be sought in Chile

    Barrick and HOMESTAKE MINING are in JV designed to trample with MINA PASCUA CHILE and a betrayal by HOMESTAKE of Jorge Lopehandia, after promising to defend the Lopehandia family and associates from BARRICK'S PREDATORY TECHNIQUES...

    Barrick spied industrially on Mina Pascua owner 1996-2011 to trample, curtail and obliterate investment.

    Barrick acted 1996 - 2011 against MINA PASCUA owner jorge Lopehandia as done against MWR.

    With public lies via STOCKWATCH that barrick retracts like cowards later on?

    Shame on you thieves...

    Homestake were ready and committed clients of MINA PASCUA owner Jorge Lopehandia record has it, prior to BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION doing an insider traded takeover of HOMESTAKE to land VELADERO and later invent LAMA.

    The 50% HM side of ABX - HM Joint venture shall be sued, disputed and enforced.

    These crooks run away with the stolen goods and are now caught and wanting reprieve.... please do not post... why post here?

    Barrick is an honorary life time member of THE MINERS HALL OF SHAME...

    dethroned BRE-X and ENRON in fraud size, using and abusing privileges with the auditors of WORLDCOMM what a cesspool of criminals on the loose

    Peter Munk you shall be cornered out of your fox cave onto a Court of Law whether you like it or not silent MINA PASCUA criminal thief.

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    • 4Skin, Ok, but how do you feel about Barrick Gold? Good company?

      • 1 Reply to benya789
      • How do I feel about Barrick?

        Personally?, like I feel when finding a bully abusing some innocent personas rights.

        Or like anyone would feel when reading the actual titles TESOROS at MINA PASCUA area to be at 2011, sole filed property of the person that Barrick sued in Canada.

        Barrick sue fo libel, to make that person a symbol of cyber libel.

        my focus of the story is how far can a corporate bully who is being exposed, can be protected by SEC without heeding to the bleeding obvious...

        PETER MUNK is running a PONZI SCHEEME at Pascua fraud...

        my feelings about Barrick are light in comparison of how directly affected parties may feel.


        Someone stole your bank safe?

        impersonated you and asset for almost two decades? became a pseudo Gold Baron...

        Hey Peter Munk!

        TESOROS titles 2011 or BARRICK is the next BRE-X

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