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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 4, 2011 3:00 PM Flag

    ABX criminally filed 2011 @ SEC/OSC, PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME fraud

    ABX criminally is impersonating ownership of PASCUA LAMA an invention of rotted mined ABX insiders 2001 -2011.

    Designed by ABX to rob SEC & shareholders, never admitting that Peter MUNK + ABX, bought salts & nitrates concessions for 1.7 Billion (1978-2011 salts only) from LAC (never taxing)

    AMARILLOS 1-3000 are salts concessions and never belonged to BARRICK GOLD at law in Chile.

    Crminally included at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL.

    Criminally included in SEC - OSC 2011 filings by BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION - ABX. (Peter Munk)

    The same goes for concessions TESOROS UNO - 1-30 through to TESOROS DOCE 1-5 located over and above AMRILLOS 1-3000 and located over LOPEHANDIA'S AMARILLOS SUR.

    TESOROS is under Injunction C-1912-2001 since June 05, 2001 to date.. Meaning Barrick is not filing MATERIAL FACTS since.

    YESOROS was criminally included at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL, continues to be criminally filed 2011 at SEC-OSC by ABX, as published in EDGAR & SEDAR. TESOROS is unde rCourt prohibition to be used in any act or contract 2001-2011.

    Yet, Barrick criminally marred PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL with it, criminally sued LOPEHANDIA in Canada saying ABX owned it, criminally, is 2011 at ABX 6K NYSE as shown by vodoo's message.

    Do not place hopes that I am wrong.

    Just acknowledge that ABX is criminally peddling stolen assets and never owned Gold, all the while, confabulates to rigg Gold prices down.

    More financial terrorism where Peter Munk?

    Peter Munk is now a wanted man worldwide, Mina Pascua ownership is going after you until huntdown and jailed Peter Munk, one way ticket.

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