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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 11, 2011 12:59 PM Flag

    Warning to Peter Munk-ABX = you will be expelled by SEC - OSC - Chile

    From ever again abusing the privileges SEC - OSC delivered to ABX. To raise public funds.

    ABX 1996-2011 made it BARRICK'S BUSINESS to MANIPULATE GOLD PRICES DOWN, abusing ionsider trading news,to fleece, criminally deceive and ripoff the public, while machinating at PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME.

    At this point I have been requested to announce that MINA PASCUA ownership shall sue OSC - SEC and anyone proven to have cooperated with Barrick Gold Corporation.

    Special request is directed now, in this posting, to law enforcement agents, to take down the IP of posters in these boards, that are accomplices of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION faud and market manipulation.

    Special warning is given hereat to bankers, true investors and true shareholders of ABX.

    Barrick did not invest the cash it filed at its doctored books at MINA PASCUA Chile location or ore body.

    Barrick re-invented itself away from PASCUA ore body. hence is running a fraudulent PONZI SCHEEME unable to open its cheapest Gold ounce - DUE TO LOW GOLD PRICES.

    Now that is a criminal stance Peter Munk, moreover, because ABX filed 2011 at SEC - OSC, to have ownership of the fraud they peddle.

    Show your titles or exit the markets forever ABX

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