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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 16, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

    ABX = TERRORIST FINANCIAL CELL, SEC-OSC cash crimes peddlers

    nice retort, laughed a lot...

    If it hurts your feelings...

    I shall not use MWR in my future postings, unless referring to information of public record placed forth by MWR to the public, is that fair?

    I respect MWR sharholders as much as Barrick's do not take me wrong.

    One thing is to be so specific about the crimes of Peter Munk and Barrick, that only mentioning them, is offensive to anyone, I know.

    Another thing is to say that I am not right. I can prove it.

    Imagine for the people I know in many countries affected by Barrick's crimes directly for decades.

    How do you think they feel? Would they approve of my messages?

    They would love to own a wheel of a VW, that I know, as most have been sent to destitution and dispair, thanks to the abusive financial terorirsm practices of Barrick worldwide.

    Lucky you that are able to tell off those ones who stand beside the efforts of your company president.

    I do so, for I see that MWR"S president is acting on the right side of the law.

    Again, sorry that other people's reality is offensive to you.

    I do not see your postings against other Barrick defenders that laugh and insult MWR, point taken tthat you pick on who defends it.

    However please consider, that

    Peter Munk and Barrick have sent thousands to death, inanition, no education, dispair, loss, broken families, lost jobs, promised jobs never delivered, fraud on contracting in Chile, fraud to mining property, a list larger than a phone book.

    You have the right not to read my postings too

    You may put me in ignore if you think "my rantings" are not verifiable and fully documented legal facts, affecting criminally OSC _SEC published AMARILLOS 1-3000 and TESOROS as owned by BARRICK 2011.

    Nothing will change the facts or the truth.

    However, if my postings save one dollar from an innocent investor, I consider myself paid.

    If my postings ever make it to a Court of law, Barrick shall not be able to disprove any.

    Why do you think Barrick is mum against your president?

    What do you think of your president's stand against Barrick? ANDY LLOYD - STOCKWATCH?

    What fundamental made you invest in MWR and how long are you holding that stock.?

    Thanks for an honest reply.

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