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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Dec 20, 2011 12:39 AM Flag

    Aaron Regent, FINANCIAL TERRORIST, surrender MINA PASCUA you coward.

    Aaron Regent, book doctorer like Randall Oliphant before you.

    Cooking the books for financial rewards eh?

    Financial terorist low class, zero style.

    Even the guys caught stealing at Supermarkets, booked by Police, have the decency to admit.

    You, instead, looking at fabriceted evidence and titles for ABX, aim for the perks.

    Your insiders are filth.

    Stealing cash belonging to people from all walks of life. From children to grandparents that went to war to defend what we uphold as Democracy.

    Instead, Barrick insiders have betrayed everything people go to University to study.

    Desecrated before my very eyes.

    Descrated before the eyes of many and their children crying for salvation from the claws of the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS at the helm of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION

    Subduing people in Dominican Republic.

    Subduing people in Peru

    Subduing people at Cowal

    Cheating people in Tanzania

    Stealing claims in USA

    Stealing claims in Chile.

    What asset does barrick own, that has no tainting on it?

    FINANCIAL TERRORISTS predator with bankzterz friends, of business and funds of MINA PASCUA owners, associates, Family, investors or anyone who dared to "cross Barrick - who will sue you and subdue you in seconds"! 1983-2010.

    2011 3/4 of it BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION is mum and on the run.

    Aaron Regent, you are a financial terorist to thousands of families and tens of thousands of jobs and individuals just in the country of Chile.

    Where you US$20 equivalent contract, has been NEGATED THE RIGHT TO ONE INCH OF MINA PASCUA CHILE 2001 - 2011.

    Get that Aaron Regent the stone faced criminal trader of ABX stock full knowledge that MINA PASCUA is not Barrick's property.

    How the mighty have fallen, sue for slander if you dare.

    Barrick, on notice.

    Your name, is dirt.

    Libel lawsuit, shall be changed in meaning and ways to attain it.


    Next symbol of libel worldwide...


    "As per "STOCKWATCH % ABX 2011".

    Stock price fraud
    OSC - SEC fraud
    Mail fraud
    Internet fraud
    Bank Fraud
    conveyance fraud
    False Affidavit to Ontario's Court fraud
    larceny to steal pascua rights from Lopehandia
    larceny to conceal loss of LAC 1994 positions in Chile.
    Avoidance of filing crtical OSC - SEC material facts by "criminal abuse of Court procedures, ambushing Mina Pascua owner with libel in Canada".

    Aaron Regent, how did you learn how to count?
    Tanzania, fast into "new" production.
    Shoshone land "fast as possible", Cortez..+++
    Pierina 18 months to production
    Alto Chicama 12-16 months to first production..

    MINA PASCUA CHILE the cheapest US40 per oz. Gold at Barrick's books.

    "Closed, due to low prices by Aaron Regent's financial terrorism outlet".

    You guys, have obliterated the value of the word, DEMOCRACY.

    Trashed the word transparency.

    Bullies, suing the NOIR book printers and authors.

    Sue your public challengers cowards at Barrick.

    Your days of freedom are counted.... tick tick tick.

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