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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 6, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    MIna Pascua to MWR = LAC 1994 areas to ABX

    Sorry not to be clear enough for some:

    Barrick 2009, moved the location of the "mine" to the location of the actual planned INFRASTRUCTURE which is not necessarily, the MINA PASCUA drilled resource areas of LAC 1994 (SALTS & NITRATES concessions to ABX).

    So "you are proud that ABX "moved its mining areas", to areas devoid of minerals Gold Copper or Silver?

    You are a funny crook.

    May you burn in Hell for attacking on Sabbath.

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    • LOL

      Thank you for verifying that the pit area shown in Barrick's regulatory filings and the Silver Wheaton presentation are not on the disputed claims. All my research has shown that the mine that Barrick is developing and the area JL calls "Mina Pascua" do not overlap.

      Proud is not the correct word. I think the word is satisfaction that my research has been thorough.

      And about that hell thingy, that's for people that actually believe in it.

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      • ABX doesn't fear Jorge Lopehandia, or the Mina Pascua website. The most they would lose to MWR is $3 Million.

        ABX doesn't fear pascuaforensics' ranting because it's so much like Jorge's ranting years ago. lol

        ABX doesn't fear Brent Johnson/MWR.

        I have no fear of ABX, Lopehandia & MWR, because they're all guilty in cover-up.

        I got Jorge Lopehandia on open Vancouver Radio station on February 11, 2008 & other interviews to be more honest to the general public.

        I am so well acquainted with Brent Johnson and Jorge Lopehandia and their personal financial greed, I thank pascuaforensics for everything he posts here on the ABX Chat Board about my personal "liability".

        But pascuaforensics, Jorge Lopehandia and other "INSIDERS" of MWR dare not openly chat anywhere on MWR corporate chat boards! Why? Then they would have to openly answer direct questions by their own stockholders.

      • mtstack you are finally agreeing ABX never owned Amarillo 1-3000 or Tesoro 1 to Tesoro 12 claims? As we know ABX has been filling those claims to the SEC and OSC saying they own them. Barrick also included Amarillos 1-3000 and Tesoro 1 to Tesoro 12 in the 2004 Pascua Lama Protocol when Barrick converted Mina Pascua to Pascua Lama to include the Lama (Argintina side). Does this mean the Pascua Lama Protocol is invalid?

        Pascua Lama (ABX 2004-2012) or as we rewind time and call it the Pascua Mine (Mina Pascua) (ABX 1994-2003) or Nevada Project (1994 Lac Minerals).

        This from ABX 1997 Prospectus dated April 14, 1997:

        Pascua Mine Project

        The Pascua Mine Project is located approximately 30 miles to the north of the El Indio Mine complex and adjacent to the Chile-Argentina border. The Project is at an elevation of between 12,000 and 16,000 feet. Barrick holds an 80% interest In the Pascua Mine Project through its indirect subsidiary, Campania Minera Nevada SA At the time of Barrick 's acquisition of the Project in September 1994, proven and probable gold reserves were approximately 2 million ounces. Barrick 's discovery of The Quebrada de Pascua deposit in 1995 and its other exploration activities have resulted in an 8.1 million Ounce Increase in the Pascua Mine Project’s total proven and probable gold reserves, which stood at Approximately 10.1 million ounces as at December 31, 1996, of which Barrick's share is approximately 8.1 million ounces. Development work is continuing at the Project, with construction costs for the initial Project to develop the oxide reserve expected to be approximately $500 million. Commercial production is currently expected to commence in 2000, and the mine is expected to produce an average of 400,000 ounces of gold per year for a minimum of 20 years.

        This from a third party expert Technical Report:

        1.-Nevada Mining Company 1994 PASCUA-LAMA PROJECT THE AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000.- This mineral deposit (PASCUA-LAMA project) is located inside of the AMARILLOS 1 THROUGH 3000 mining properties and it is in turn located within the groups of mining properties TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN, where they are located as shown in the report presented to COREMA and the pertinent entities and public opinion for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding sectoral permits for the development of the mineral deposit denominated PASCUA-LAMA, which is complemented with photographs from “GEOGLE” [presumably “GOOGLE”] showing the whole yellow mountain (alteration deposit) which is also mentioned in the official Survey Record, in the chapter entitled “Acceso al HM” [Access to HM]; the same is described in later surveys of the TESORO FIVE and TESORO SEVEN groups.

        CONCLUSIONS REGARDING LEGAL TITLE AUTHORITY AS AT JUNE 15, 2011. To this date there are no valid marginal annotations on these title deeds in the name of Barrick Gold Corporation-ABX of Canada, Barrick Chile or Minera Nevada Limitada, according to an original copy of same which I have before me. The original 2011 copy DOES certify by means of a marginal annotation the litigious rights of Mr. Jorge R. Lopehandia Cortes as the first-claim legal right to title.

        FINAL CONCLUSION The properties LOS AMARILLOS 1 through 3000 and TESOROS should not have been included in the list of mining properties as being the property of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION-ABX of Canada, due to the fact that these properties have not been nor are they now registered in the name of said firm at the Registrar of Mines of the City of Vallenar, in the Atacama Region, Republic of Chile, in conformity with Chilean law. Moreover, these title deeds could not have been transferred or sold or contracted in any manner whether in Chile or abroad due to the fact that a prohibition is in place, granted by a Chilean Court which prohibits the carrying out of actions or execution of contracts.

      • For the clowns that confuse mine or mining installations with the metals Gold - Silver and Copper and the word ORE BODY.

        Whereas barrick is "planning its PASCUA LAMA SCAM with SILVER WHEATON" ans showed MAPS to Silver Wheaton outside of where the sold Silver is>


        Barrick showed SLW the First narrows bridge, while Silver Wheaton was actually buying the London Bridge.

        What does count re: Gold Silver obligations, is to actually own the area where the Gold is.

        That area in accordance to all documents I have at my hands, is in Mr. Jorge Lopehandia's - MWR hands 2011.

        Not Barrick's as lied by Abndy Lloyd, Barrick and Stockwatch to the public.

        Hope you changed your diapers prior to reading...

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