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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 10, 2012 10:50 AM Flag


    It is futile Steve Davis having LUCIFER = fiestywife, ask something so you=LUCIFER can answer it as citiesofcommerce.

    Is so much your desperation to be heard crap, that since no one was interested in your crapola, you had to ask, answer and comment as other personalities in this board!!!!

    Steve Davis is like Peter Munk, thinking that if he lies via STOCKEWATCH and SEC+OSC filings, he will indeed have clean title to PASCUA PONZI SCEEME.

    Lonely out there in your fraud Peter Munk + Steve Davis?

    Instead of entering into more internet fraud daily...

    Steve davis a.k. fiestywife, yankeesteve,citiesofcommerce, my_name_is+ has to get his father's contract with Mina Pascua owner: re geology, or he is an Internet fraud.

    Like Peter Munk, unable to get TESOROS titles to ABX 2012.

    These liars, first lie, then skate around, then toss mud to avert confronting their own lis?

    How shallow of a form of FINANCIAL TERRORISM AT ITS BEST.

    Bullies abusing USA's jurisdiction to quash justice,

    So much for demockery of Democracy you "export" Lucy!!! with that kind of "transparency" who needs crime eh?

    Sick, you are sick and as such, Dr. Stock Exchange removal shall be soon ordering Barrick to stay away from trading.

    My crystal ball sees Steve Davis in jail, denied 1 cent at Fitzgerald file, all KANKO shares given by CLYDE DAVIS to Mina Pascua owner.

    Whereas my crystal ball sees Peter Munk, Brian Mulroney Patrick garver VIncent Borg + jailed next to BERN MADDOF but for longer JAIL terms.

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