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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 11, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    Hectir Unda Llanos is a thief like Barrick, hence outlawed

    hector Unda llanos the predator claim jumper on Barrick{s behalf is a criminal as much as Barrick

    However at 2010 Judgment and Trial HECTOR UNDA LLANOS denied to have anything to do with Barrick or MINERA NEVADA and was [awarded TESOROS

    However, since 2001 HECTOR UNDA LANOS lost legal title to injunction C-1912-2001.

    Thus, from 2001 to date TESOROS are legally under Jorge Lopehandia legal control and not UNDA LLANOS and nerver Barrick.

    The pandora box is now wide open, all liars at Barrick hammered by their own lies and falsehoods, unable to reconcile the garbnage spewed v. Lopehandia in Courts or Mountain West in media outlets to date.

    Thanks for bringing to my attention MWR is now MSX.

    It is game over for Barrick as non of its Chile subsidiaries or Barrick itself ever owned TESOROS at law, not as filed, UNDA LLANOS denied them too in Court. So Barrick is peddling a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!

    SEC and OSC knew that and tried to con MWR and Mr. Lopehandia.

    Barrick lashed at them via STOCKWATCH and BN

    now it is all revealed, UNDA LLANOS denied Barrick at 2010 Judgment as liars and impostors that fooled Villar, to land a bogus decision on TESOOROS

    Justice has prevailed 2001 to date as Injunction C-1912-2001 has TESOROS firmly at Jorge Lopehandia legal tenure of title to date.

    Chilean Police has taken matters under investigation and referal to DA

    Barrick is now operating a CIVIL RICO enterprise of daily criminal bogus trades at PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME

    ABX has CIVIL RICO traded Pascua via SILVER WHEATON 2009-2012


    Trade ABX Civil Rico daily, at your own financial risk as ABX insiders are a nest of financial terrorist that have swindled exchanges Banks and shareholders alike, mercyless for decades.

    Barrick has met its maker at Pascua and failed.

    Barrick has had its Achilles heel severed into pieces at Chile Courts now.

    Unhappy descending to the doldrums Peter Munk

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