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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 22, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

    ABX top Chile executives jail bound, Canada & USA to follow up

    Liars at ABX sall have the rudest awakening of their criminal financial terrorists career

    In Chile Barrick┬┤s liars are under penalty of arrest forced to produce this week in court, titles Barrick never had yet peddled via ABX in Toronto and Nyork exchenges for decades.

    ABX shall be finally facing its monster PASCUA LAMA fraud at last



    invest in ABX at own risk

    Peter Munk antisocial financial terrorist shall be indicted in criminal charges and activity by the country of Chile 2012

    Canada and USA shall follow

    sad part is that bankers and analysts know it and keep deceiving the public maintaining ABX plus NEWGOLD plus other con artist trading stocks, pumped artificially or via PLUNGEPROTECTION TEAMS.

    Such is called financial manipulation of markets and terrorism to afflicted miners worldwide that collapse at will of the Gold and Copper price manipulators such as Barrick and friends.

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    • I'm not sad at all.

      I see JL has just declared himself king of IHub and is pronouncing who is worthy to post there and who is not.

      I guess he has not heard of freedom of speech.

    • Not much time left for ABX financial criminals to explain their decisions on Pascua Lama which will be very negative towards this mighty company. Quer and Mstack will be very sad, tough luck.

    • forgot to add quer, you do not know what I do and do not own so stop your speculations now

    • It seems Quer that you are the one peeps are fed up with over there, you know and you can read the posts just the same so there you go....

    • I did read it, several times, last September. It clearly states that the ABX Pascua Lama mine pit is not on the superimposed claims. I wrote as much on this message board when I first read the report. Since their own report, bought and paid for by JL, attests that the ABX mine isn't on either of the Amarillos or Tesoros claims, I wonder why they resisted stating that fact in their earlier, now retracted, press releases. Instead, they conflated the two areas stating that Barrick was working the claims "in trust" for MWR when ABX's mine pit isn't on the disputed claims at all. My question was: Why has MSX continually conflated the superimposed claim area with Barrick's Pascua Lama mine pit?

      It is obvious they were in possession of this imformation last September, which is disconcerting considering they went ahead and made such fabulous statements in their official press releases when they knew, or should have known better.

      The report does not address the other three questions at all.

    • Seems your posting over here where you don't own anything, whats up or are you not taken seriously on I hub anymore???????????????

    • forgot to thank voodoo for the original post

    • They are using standard Big Brother tactics. Rally the troops by accusing those who have valid questions of disloyalty. Make them "the Other", the outsider, the bad person for asking uncomfortable questions.

      OTHO, questions that should be asked are brushed aside under the guise of the necessity of not letting the "enemy" know of their actions. Feh! Barrick knows exactly what they are doing and they do not need people who post on message boards to inform them.

      Here are some of the questions that already should have been asked:

      Why was JL given almost $1 million (a very material amount for MWR) without any agreement or contract, either written or verbal?

      Why were the monies raised specifically to do DD in Chile instead given to JL as part of the option payment rather than conducting any research into the veracity of JL's claims?

      Why has MSX continually conflated the superimposed claim area with Barrick's Pascua Lama mine pit?

      What plans does MSX have for monetizing the claims, if and when the option agreement is complete and they have made the $1.8 billion to JL to exercise the option?

      Those are the questions that should be asked rather than worrying if a long time shareholder is a spy. But no. It is easier to be ignorant and continue to believe the party line rather than do the hard work to understand the facts.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself, dillusion seem to be the only common thread on the I hub

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