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  • binnybeoris binnybeoris Jul 24, 2012 8:10 PM Flag

    This is pricing for Worldwide Depression !

    Seriously. The basic current fundamentals support a much higher price. But, if the world economies fall apart... into Depression, gold will fall below $1000/oz. I want to buy calls, but.....

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    • this appears to be the new thesis. Unfortunately the world is facing a sovweriegn debt crisis and this is the end game. Govts cannot bailout themselves without causing more harm.
      Global investors will finally wakeup and head into gold in mass as sovereign debts fall and currencies are no longer trusted. This is not 2008 again.

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      • OK, think about this. If currencies are no longer trusted, what supports global trade? It won't be gold bullion. The most logical scenario is that global currencies will all fall, some more than others, creating a new distribution of wealth among trading nations. The worst case scenario would be a return to the gold standard. That won't happen. Yes, repairing the sovereign debt crisis is absolutely necessary. But good luck with that one. I strongly believe that economic growth can do as much harm as economic contraction. Perhaps the best path is one of pure austerity. You know, like 2 kids to a married couple max. Limit consumption. Save the world. Don't destroy it.

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