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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 16, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

    furball is a ROTTED ABX EGG a true PR thug

    quit rotted egg

    you are a media scam pseudo specialist serving the dollar payer rather than justice at all.

    law enforcement agencies are invited to keep furball{s IP and ID for future criminal trial reference.

    MINERA NEVADA SpA the company that admitted under oath not to own PASCUA MINE Chile areas, the most important chunk of PASCUA LAMA PONZI at ABX - SEC + OSC filings, is criminal trial fodder in Chile.

    These crooks took over from MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA who also admitted never to own TESOROS just like MINERA NEVADA SpA did ( itself = ABX at SEC + OSC 2012). Ex MINERA NEVADA S.A or LAC MINERALS Chile.

    MSX is 100% correct at law to release material facts at hand.

    Barrick is criminally deceiving exchanges and banks worldwide 1996-2012 at PASCUA PONZI SCAM}

    Barick illegally sued Jorge Lopehandia in Canada 2002-2012 with bogues and fake titles, Jorge Lopehandia is going to make BARRICK CRUMBLE TO PIECES BECAUSE OF THAT, 2012.

    TICK TICK TICK kabooooooommmmm abx = criminally charged antisocials.

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    • Wow, I hope you are wrong.
      OK, well, I tried to shut up pascuaforensics, or at least give him the same amount of aggravation he gives me ... wasted a lot of time on it today, I think I'll put him back on ignore and stop reading his posts.

    • No deal Furball. Pascua Lama represented 25% of Barricks reserves in 2004 and they are before a criminal court in chile Sept 5 due to admitting in a Vallenar, Chile court they do not own titles to the Pascua deposit. You don't think it's important to talk about that? The facts are obviously important, the only one spamming is you with your immature comments and old news ABX PR nonsense from last year. This is 2012 and ABX is being sued for their slander and about to be put in jail for purjury. This is the reality and the facts.

    • He showed you title, yes, but to what? That is the question here.
      In the case of Mr. Villar's title, it is to a plot of land *adjacent* to Barrick's Pascua Lama mine, not part of the mine itself. Pretty useless title then.

      As Barrick says,
      "Neither Jorge Lopehandia nor MWR have a registered ownership interest in the Amarillos 1-3000 concessions or the Tesoro Uno 1-30 to Tesoro Doce 1-5 concessions. Furthermore, these concessions are not necessary for mining the Pascua-Lama deposit. Barrick holds all the necessary rights for mining the Pascua-Lama deposit."

      I believe that. This information Barrick issues in a press release. They are liable if it is not true, and I guarantee they would be sued successfully if it is not true. Since they didn't have to issue this press release, and especially didn't have to go as far as stating that they hold all the necessary rights for mining the Pascua-Lama deposit, it should make you wonder about the titles Lopehandia showed you. If they are not to Barrick's mine, then those titles are certainly not worth the 100's of millions of dollars that Lopehandia is trying to sell them for.

    • I honestly have reason Furball to believe him, I was at the AGM of MSX in Jan in Vancouver BC, he showed me title and to others, this is real, he is doing his duty to protect what is his and his families, look, Canada's system is set up for fraud by big corporations, if that was not the case, Barrick would be in The US and the SEC would probably have jailed them all already

    • Jorge lopehandia is a true super retardo spammer

      jorge can't find the other shoe, it is in the duck pond quack quack

      quit jorge so we can get some peace from your nonsense

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      • touche rotted egg

        you have been identified and shaLL BE SLAPP ed silly.

        You and ABX

        start shaking rotted egg, you blew your rotted cover already.}}

        whammo just like ABX you shall go KABOOM as soon as we tie the ends, you are going to jail shaky rotted egg news and PR cancerous criminal.

        the spammer is you rotted egg media shaky promoter of falsehoods and crimes on ABX{ behalf

        self appointed thug and crook or hired to spam PR for ABX?

        you have been identified rotted egg you blew your shaky cover

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