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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Aug 17, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    Steve Davis multiple handles, ask and answer at ABX boards, how criminal

    murky Steve Davis, lucifer{s son.

    did you bring down LDS yet? MSX or Lopehandia in greed and hate for you were kicked out for greedy?

    is your butt blue and swollen Steve Davis? what a kick at Pascua reality, you defending ABX fraud and ABX chrged criminally in Chile.

    some loosers as ABX faithfuls we have here.

    PETER MUNK and his rotted crooks posing as board jesters, ought to stop manipulation of financial markets information.

    Produce TESOROS titles as filed at SEC + OSC Peter Skunk Munk, or go straight to jail no collecting cash when passing by the bank.

    Game over ABX +++++ ciminals insiders cesspool, a financial RACKET peddling CIVIL RICO style at PASCUA PONZI scam 1997-2012.

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    • Poor Jorge/pascuaforensics (many handles) has been exposed as being a Canadian Securities FRAUDSTER, since February, 2010 when he took $10,000 from Brent Johnson/MSX/MWR to convince VILLAR that Promoter Jorge Cortes can still lie and cheat and do secret scams with lots of investors (since 2002).

      Thanks for your rantings, Jorge, on ABX Yahoo and especially on iHub MSX.

      Yeah, see ya in Court, Kanco Stockholder Jorge R. Lopehandia Cortes.

      The US Securities and Exchange don't approve your type of actions as a promoter and violating many, many OPTION AGREEMENTS to arrive in 2012 CLAIMING TO BE A SAINT(SATANIC)

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