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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 17, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    ABX 2013 trapped Pascua less at PASCUA LAMA by MSX Lopehandia at SEC + OSC

    No TESOROS titles as filed with SEC + OSC

    No AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE 1996 (Villar-Lopehandia) registered to ABX 2002, as lied v. Jorge Lopehandia re: Internet libel in Canada 2002-2013.

    No Gold license for AMARILLOS 1-3000 1994-2013, salts & nitrates concessions, dead at law, beneath TESOROS concessions.

    No valid PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL to ABX any longer; it is now, ABX insiders are now law enforced under criminal charges for falsification and malicious use of the same, 2012-2013 in Chile.

    No exclusive bi-national tax treaty or excuse to lump up Chile and Argentina in ABX flawed financials 1996-2013 re MINA PASCUA CHILE PROSPECTUS - later defaced onto PASCUA LAMA PONZI scam .
    Privilege cancelled by Argentina and died in Chile too. Report transparently now ABX - ? did $$$ go?

    No ABX title at the UTM areas of greatest geological interest to PASCUA LAMA, namely TESOROS & AMARILLOS SUR areas and UTM protected on title, over Gold Silver & Copper mineral rights.

    Criminally charged Directors and legal reps of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION ABX "S Chile subsidiaries, due to their falsification of PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL and malicious use of the same as it reads in the criminal charges.

    Criminally charged are:

    Top Chilean BOD and legal reps + Directors of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION Chilean subsidiaries holding PASCUA LAMA for ABX.

    Top mining property engineer of PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL for false testimony in Court in attempt to falsify ownership of TESOROS concessions for MINERA NEVADA SpA.

    Top criminal defense Attorney, for suing a Judge in perjury, also trying to fabricate TESOROS titles for MINERA NEVADA SpA. (He sued the Judge that found ABX guilty, in perjury). Ouch!

    It seems that all we need is a Canadian citizen charged for ABX to take MSX Lopehandia serious at MINA PASCUA fraud of ABX with its fabrication of TESOROS ownership to SEC - OSC?

    Barrick sued Jorge Lopehandia in Canada saying it owned AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE from Villar, at a moment Barrick et al were impeached at title by Lopehandia et al.

    Barrick or its current subsidiaries, never made it to Lopehandia's AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE as per SUPREME COURT OF CHILE validated Judgment:

    The only valid claims to be acceptable to Mines Commissioner and Mines registrar of Vallenar with a SUPREME COURT OF CHILE validation of Judgment indicating that AMARILLOS SUR - AMRILLOS NORTE of Lopehandia ought to replace TESOROS at law. TESOROS were ordered to become extinguished.

    Unda llanos fought hard but is now criminally charged and Lopehandia in control of TESOROS on title.

    Barrick has fought hard... when are you giving up Peter Munk?

    you are caught and anchored at Mina Pascua fraud, pass your YATCH to MSX Peter Munk

    You do not deserve it. LAC is showing as in control of ABX in Chile. Touche.

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    • Time for the OSC & SEC to nab Barricks fraudulent Pascua project? Barrick remove your fraudulent titles from your SEC 6K and OSC 43-101 please. mtstack I agree barrick has fraudulent titles at Pascua.

    • When will Loopey Dupey get off drugs?

    • I can see mtstack is still a paid lier for ABX. Why does mtstack try to misdirect investors about MSX and Jorge Lopehandia's agreement? The facts are clear, Jorge Lopehandia has titles Amarillo Norte, Amarillo Sur and the Recently Acquired Additional Mining Claims RESGUARDO AMARILLO.

      From MSX option agreement:

      Optioned Property” means:
      (a) the mining claims comprising the Restituted Amarillo North and Amarillo South Mining Claims;

      (b) for no additional payment, any mining claims that the Optionor has acquired or began to acquire or will acquire in the future, located in Chile and within 30 kilometers of the exterior boundaries of the mineral claims described in (a) above (the “Area of Interest Claims”);

      (c) and for no additional payment, any interest in any mining claims that the Optionor may acquire, both before and after the exercise of the Option, as a result of his success in proving title to any mining claims forming part of Pascua Lama.

      From MSX background history agreement:

      Recent Claims Cover all of Pascua Lama That is in Chile:
      (118) the Restituted Amarillo North and Amarillo South Mining Claims and the Recently Acquired Additional Mining Claims cover all of Pascua Lama that is located in Chile.

      (146) following that careful review, each of the consultants for the Optionor and the Optionor are of the opinion: (a) that both: (i) (ii) the Amarillo North and Amarillo South Mining Claims; and the Restituted Amarillo North and Amarillo South Mining Claims, cover most of mine deposit of Pascua Lama located in Chile, except for an eastern portion of the mine deposit; and (b) that together: (i) (ii) the Restituted Amarillo North and Amarillo South Mining Claims; and the Recently Acquired Additional Mining Claims, cover all of the mine deposit of Pascua Lama located in Chile.

      Mtstack is a lier about the UTM as the maps from MSX clearly show the location of the Pascua Mine from the Albanez report is clearly within Jorge Lopehandia mining claims and the MSX agreement. Barricks UTM of Pascua Lama sits outside of the mineral deposit of the Pascua Mine. This is why Barrick hasn't mined Pascua since ABX reported in 1996 that they were building Pascua for $500,000,000 with production in the year 2000. Barrick doesn't have the mining rights to mine the gold and has been stuck without titles to Pascua and cought up in a legal battle in Chile for close to 15 years.

      mtstack give it a rest with your lies.

      • 3 Replies to voodoo.three
      • Jorge is still holed up in Vancouver hiding from the authorities. In his spare time he has managed to pester some lawyer into forming a new company MSX to give his deluded claims some legitimacy. Trading at zero which is exactly what his claims are worth.

      • I think George Loopey Dupey has serious anger issues. the Drugs he takes daily clearly are not working IMO.

      • Ah, then JL must have misspoken when he wrote that " my AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE asset that is the sole business between MSX and me." I thought he was trying to back out of the deal with MSX for the concessions on which the maps show that the "Pascua deposit" actually lies. Good to know that he still means to honor the sale of ALL of the claims he included in the agreement. Still, I find it confusing that JL spends so much time defending the ownership of the Amarillos Sur - Amarillos Norte concessions when the maps clearly show no deposit on those claims. Given that the "Pascua deposit", as delineated on the Albanez maps, lies on the "Recently Acquired Additional Mining Claims", it would behoove JL to produce THOSE "clear titles" rather than any paperwork relating to the Amarillos Sur - Amarillos Norte claims, which are prominently displayed on MSXgold website, that do not contain the deposit. It seems like a misdirection to spend so much time and effort on claims with no known mineralization.

        I never lie. All my facts are provable. If I have been mistaken, I always admit that I was mistaken and correct my information. The fact that the bulk of the "Pascua deposit" does not lie on the Amarillo Sur - Amarillo Norte claims is easily discernible by just looking at the maps. It is certainly not my fault that JL cited only those claims when saying that was his "sole business" with MSX. I only quoted him. I did not put words in his mouth; Lord knows that he has enough of his own.

        Neither are questions lies. They are questions.

        As to your surmise of why Barrick has not yet opened Pascua Lama - that Barrick's pit lies outside of the mineral deposit -- that seems quite bizarre since all the published drill reports are contained within the UTM coordinates of the PL pit. As far as I know, there are no drill reports that show resources within the approximate UTM coordinates of 6754000 N - 6754500 N, 398000 E - 400000 E, as shown on Albanez's map as the "Pascua deposit". JL seems to be relying on Barrick's resource figures, but insists that the exploration has been done on "his land" instead of where the geologists actually drilled and dug. Without any evidence to show what mineral resources are contained in the "Pascua deposit", declaring that Barrick's mineralization, as proved by their drill results, somehow moved to a different location seems perverse. JL cannot rely on the resources shown in the drill reports while stating they are in the wrong place.

        Without any evidence of the mineral resources being magically transported to JL's claims, your surmise is simply opinion, not fact. You should learn to recognize the difference.

        And, btw, I am not paid by Barrick or anyone else for my participation on any message board. I wish I were, but alas I am not. I don't own now nor have I ever owned any ABX stock. I participate purely for both my own amusement and a search for the truth.

    • Give it a rest Jorgey boy, everyone including 99% on the I hub are tired of your endless drivel, I realise after 10 yrs or so it has managed to get you 3 mill from unsuspecting dupes in the head office of MSX. but I think your well has about dried up there as well cause thru dilution they have driven down the pps to under.3 You may want to find another golden goose but with your foam at the mouth drivel I doubt you will be successful

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