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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 5, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    ABX pre stripping EXCUSE is a fraud= STRIPPED NAKED OFF PASCUA 100% ABX!

    Greg Panagos, Peter Munk and Andy Lloyd are prime candidates to the Pinocchio 2013 award.

    Such award was the last straw needed as MUST to enjoin BERN MADDOF at the infamous indictment to the FINANCIAL MARKETS HALL OF SHAME 2013 class.

    Peddlers of pre stripping excuses when

    ABX IS STRIP NAKED @ PASCUA PROSPECTUS 1994-2013 is more like it.

    I have yet to read the MSX relese but I trust the poster that it contain good news.

    I can wait to read it.

    Any comments re its significance?


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    • Yesterday's press release seems rather familiar.

      Mr. Brent Johnson reports on February 4, 2013:
      "Mountainstar Gold Inc. has issued this update with regard to its joint venture with Jorge Lopehandia in Chile. The following information was released by Jorge Rodrigo Lopehandia Cortes and the Chilean lawyer, Juan Guillermo Torres Fuentealba.

      The Mines Commissioner (Conservador de Minas) in Vallenar, Chile, with sole legal jurisdiction over the Mina Pascua area titles, has issued the Tesoros titles for the concessions of Tesoros Uno 1al 30 to Tesoros Doce 1 al 5 in the name of Mr. Cortes, as current legal title holder."

      However in the February 9, 2012 MSX press release Mr. Brent Johnson reported:
      "The Company is in possession of the 2011 Tesoros titles. These titles are registered to Jorge’ Lopehandia Cortes by the Mines Registrar in Chile."

      How many times do these same titles need to be issued to the same person? Of course, the February 9, 2012 was retracted pursuant to a review by BCSC along with seven other press releases that contained "potentially unclear assertions of fact". And in the newest press release, JL himself and his lawyer, rather than The Company, say they own the Tesoro titles. So I guess he really, really means it this time.

      • 2 Replies to mtstack2000
      • Barrick playing with dirt & squatting at phony and no minerals contained, PASCUA areas -

        Far away from Gold - Silver and Copper properties of Lopehandia (ex LAC 1994 -2013 and PASCUA areas 1994-2013 to ABX). The actyual ORE BODY OF PASCUA areas.

        mtstack admitted ABX is working away from Mr. Lopehandia's ORE BODY areas.

        Now the liar that he posts for ESOTERIC reasons has to disclose that hiis true reasons are

        CRIMINAL FINANCIAL MARKET MANIPULATION v. MSX in order to COVER UP the loss of Chile's PASCUA MINE areas by ABX - as SEC + OSC filed 1994-2013.

        what a blow by MSX + Lopehandia to ABX

        recently charged Canadian lawyer MARIA LOUISE PHYLLYS - EMERY is the last name... owns and Directs all oof ABX SEC+OSC listed Chile subsidiaries.

        She also heads BARRICK 2 the criminal seller of LAMA royalties with Chilean bogus public deeds.

        Pascua Lama Protocol HAS BEEN CHARGED CRIMINALLY due to falsification & malicious use of the same..

        Such means criminal royalty sales to ROYAL GOLD by HSBC + ABX are phony financial instruments and Choile is UNABLE TO DOCUMENT - the farce LAMA as royalties,


        ARE IN DEEP LEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIONS and unable to get out off criminal charges due to theft and malicious use of PASCUA MINE areas of Chile.

        PASCUA LAMA is a ponzi scam and its owner J R LOPEHANDIA has defeated Barrick as Barrick was unable to defeat LOPEHANDIA in Canada and now MSX 1007-2013.

        How the mighty have fallen

        Peter Munk GREG PANAGOS & ANDY LLOYD are the next Bern Maddof of financial markets worldwide.

      • Look mrstack of nothing

        why are you poling at TESOROS titles of Lopehandia and not at the fake ones of ABX?

        why you worry that titles were told or were shown or where produced?

        You are an ABX shareholder and worry about ABX not having title to TESOROS

        MSX was clear Mines Commissioner in Chile has issued leagl valid title holder authoority to Jorge Lopehandia over TESOROS

        If you had the title at hand, you would also see the injunction that since 2001 does not allow ABX to even enter PASCUA areas to ABX 1994-2013.

        Injunction C-1912-2001 that grants rights to JORGE LOPEHANDIA over TESOROS at this date.

        Funny part is, BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION or the carcass corporation that ABX make believe fraud has TESOROS concessions listed at SEC MARCH 5, 2011 6K, NYSE-SEC, whereat TESOROS is filed as owned by MINERA NEVADA SpA by ABX in a tota BRE-X like scam.

        ABX is the new BRE-X its bogus paper sales so wanton, it also is like ENRON

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