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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 6, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    TESOROS = ABX Lawyers in Chile, the area of greatest geological interest to PASCUA LAMA

    Mtstack you are full of it and now better start eating crow by the metric ton you, Quer SD and the legion.

    TESOROS is what MINERA NEVADA SpA listed by your ABX as PASCUA LAMA owner, listed at 6k March 2011 at SEC, why? because peter Munk likes to play riddles with the public?

    Enough is enough, MSX has challenged Peter Munk and ABX at Pascua titles and that just suits me fine, as I always called in my forensic research that Jorge Lopehandia owns Pascua and NOT never ever, ABX, not as filed at SEC + OSC.

    What a colosal PR by MSX, they must have the whole works, TESOROS titles, CERTIFIED DOMAIN, all in Jorge Lopehandia's name, Barrick never on title.

    This is going to be a nice week to see how REGULATORS act in defense of the public's purse, they have given ABX and Peter Munk the MDDOF treatment, all together chased MSX out of TSX on record and the mighty MSX has just beheaded Goliath Chile MATA HARI?


    long live MSX I see a black hole at ABX ... PASCUA PONZI 1994-2013.

    I see mr. lopehandia cleaning his name soon and ABX becoming dirt, not Gold peddlers.

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