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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 7, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Lopehandia titles = SUPREME COURT OF CHILE cbacked Judgment. ABX = FRAUD to SEC+OSC

    The concessions listed as TESOROS are fully constituted areas ordered to die at Judgment approved and validated by SUPREME COURT OF CHILE v. ABX et al.

    The absence of TESOROS title for BARRICK et al, resulted in BROAD CRIMINAL CHARGES to sall ABX subsidiaries and executives in Chile... extensive to Canadian executives of ABX Canada.

    Also criminal charges against PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL.

    Lopehandia's 2011 titles are meant to replace LAC'S 1994 areas of salts & nitrates AMARILLOS 1-3000 and TESOROS with LOPEHANDIA / MSX contracted areas in Chile, which dwarf ABX positions of the past, invalid 2013 to SEC + OSC ABX filings 1994-2013.

    In fact because ABX CHILE has nothing, the criminal charges were laid so they have something VALID AT LAW that is significant WELL DESERVED PORTION they get of PASCUA in Chile.

    LAMA is a USD$6.5 BILLION fraud and PONZI SCAM of encapsulated Silver that ABX peddled to SLW.

    So ABX is working in barren lands outside of FULLY CONSTITUTED AREAS squatters at someone else land , today on top of that, someone else owns the barren areas I know who, is not me MSX or Lopehandia, at Copiapo Courts ABX is sweating tears like a constipated GIANT.

    No Pascua ore body
    No barren lands of structures (someone else suing ABX in Copiapo)
    No Pascua Lama Protocol
    No TESOROS titles
    No license to mine Gold at LAC 1994 areas - 100% of PASCUA PROSPECTUS to ABX at OSC + SEC.
    No AMARILLOS SUR - AMARILLOS NORTE that ABX used to sue Lopehandia in libel + perjury by ABX.
    No PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL criminally charged for falsification and malicious use of the same.
    No Bi national TAX TREATY between Chile and Argentina
    No success in labeling MSX or Jorge Lopehandia who are coming back to level off ABX at Pascua 2013.
    No way to retroactively obtain title to TESOROS to back up ABX at Pascua ownership before the markets.

    NO ABX no, you have nothing at Pascua Chile.

    Criminal charges in Chile are clear indicative of what is shaping ahead in ABX future.

    ABX must prove TESOROS ownership as filed, before banks, the public investors community, SEC and OSC, or get ready to exit financial markets in shame.

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