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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 26, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    ABX 2012 Annual SEC + OSC filing, 100% CRIMINAL FRAUD is just ILLEGAL CIVIL RICO so ABX is out!

    It is a matter of HOW MANY YEARS does each crooked profiteer makes, all the way to GREG PANAGOS + newest breed of CIVIL RICO PEDDLERS

    such as ANDY LLOYD what a filth to financial markets operating UNDER AN UMBRELLA OF BANKSTERISM


    Shame n you filthy obtainers of BRIBED PERMITS TO PEDDLE PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    ABX bribed politicians ad civil servants of Chile and Argentna ON LEGAL RECORD at Criminal Trials

    On legal record investigated by RCMP


    get a load of ABX and get a load of crime trading daily CIVIL RICO PASCUA GOLD + SILVER that never, never ever was ABX ASSET.

    Peter is on media and public record in PROSPTITUTED HIGH LEVEL MEETINGS VIA PRESS WORDWIDE at the times of cooking the ABX @ SEC + OSC books re pseudo ownership of PASCUA CHILE via TESOROS concessions, owned by ABX - AS IF via Chile a subsidiary MINERANEVADA SpA

    The latter, has on legal chambers records confirmed under oath in Chile at Vallenar 2nd Civil Court proceedings 2012, alongside MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA the PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL OWNER

    That both corporations never owned title, certified domain or, even had a written Agreement that is valid with the titular of TESOROS concessions in Chile.

    So, if Chile subsidiaries admit that ABX does not own TESOROS concessions MINA PASCUA CHILE areas ....

    Why did ABX filed TESOROS asset as owned, public releases attacking Lopehandia and MSX pointing to TESOROS as ABX asset? and only criminal Chile charges to deliver?

    why does SILVER WHEATON + ROYAL GOLD + BARRICK + HSBC are allowed to PEDDLE CIVIL RICO at financial markets, DAILY ..... in the form of .... PASCUA PONZI SILVER + GOLD + COPPER sale?

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