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  • runningblackbeardog runningblackbeardog Apr 13, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    What is the big deal with Pascua Lama?

    Chilean government, like most, runs on "grease" only more so. Apparently Barrick did not grease the rails enough on the Chile side to let the money train slide on through. Even if the corrupt (imo) government can be paid to look the other way, there is a major grass roots movement underway supported by uban intellectuals that believe the mine will cause fdesertification and famine to the indiginous peoples habitating the valley below the huge open pit mine. And rightfully so. Even a quick glance at Google satelite images show that the bulk of the ore body lies UNDER the Toro glacier fields which straddles the Chile - Argentina borders, and feeds feed mountain spring water to the streams in the valleys on Both Sides. To get to the gold Under the Glacier, Barrick plans to Blast away the glacier with dynamite, and move chunks of ice and rock out of the way to get to the gold ore. Glaciers are homogenous in nature, take millions of years to create. Once the Toros glaciers are destroyed by the ABX blasting operation, like Humpty Dumpty; it will be impossible to put them back together from the resultant broken up pieces of ice and rock. This is the real problem.

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    • Barricks executives in chile were found guilty of lying under oath to Chile's Criminal court days before Barrick announced they halted Pascua. The environmental issue is not the main problem for Barrick, it's the fact Barrick has never been owner of the Pascua deposit as the Chile courts have rightfully learned.

      Barrick has caused the environmental issues with an attempt to exit their Pascua Lama fraud. Barrick could have adopted mining technics that were not hatful to the environment. The deposit of Pascua is not near the glaciers, Barricks "new project" project is but the deposit of Pascua is not. It a big lie by Barrick and this is why Barrick has not mined Pascua for close to 20 years ever since announcing they were building Pascua in 1997 with production set for the year 2000. The issue isn't environmental it's title fraud, environmental issues could have been prevented or fixed, title issues due to mining law can not be fixed. Don't get suckered by Barricks lies.

      April 10, 2013
      Mountainstar Gold Inc. (MSX) (the Company) updates shareholders and the investing public of the following developments in Chile. Mr. Juan Guillermo Torres Fuentealba, the Company's Chilean lawyer, informs of recent proceedings in the courts as follows.
      On April 5, 2013 in the 17th Civil Court of Santiago, Chile, case number E-304-2012, titled Minera Nevada SpA, the following resolution was established on the criminal charges against Barrick Gold Corporation's (Minera Nevada SpA) Canadian / Chilean lawyer Laura Phyllis Maria Emery.
      Emery had stated under oath that the company she represented, Minera Nevada SpA Barrick/ABX), owned the Tesoros concessions, not the mining engineer Hector Undo Llanos, when she was deposed at the Fiscalia Centro Norte, Santiago, criminal court in early 2013. Minera Nevada SpA had testified under oath, in Vallenar in 2012, that it had never owned the Tesosos concessions.
      Emery was caught in this lie by Madam Justice Isabel Reyes Kokisch. Justice Kokisch knows the entire history of this case, as she was the Chilean Supreme Court Justice that Barrick tried to have disbarred for her Supreme Court ruling in favor of Mr. Jorge Lopehandia in 2006, regarding ownership of Mina Pascua, Chile.
      It is time for Barrick Gold Corporation to advise the investing public of these criminal proceedings. They have falsified their OSC/ SEC filings with regard to the ownership of the Tesoros concessions. Barrick Gold Corporation (Minera Nevada SpA) does not and never have owned the Tesoros concessions. The titled owner of the Tesoros concessions is Mr Jorge Lopehandia, in partnership with Mountainstar Gold Inc. (MSX).

    • As mtstack suggests, the real problems are title issues and fraud as barrick has falesified the pascua lama protocol by filing false ownership to certain claims that is owned by Jorge Lopehandia and barrick will soon learn with the world that they too can be taken down at law in Chile as things are just heating up, please look for the last press release by mountainstar gold MSX which will paint a nice picture for you

    • Your information if about 5 years out of date.

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      • Apparently the Chilean appeals court does not think this information is out of date, as they have closed the Chile side of Pascua for an indefinite period due to environmental reasons. Barrick uses open pit mining and the heap-leach method to achieve production costs lower than their competitors. Using this method at Pascua Lama as they intend to do would cause destruction of at least on of the Toro glaciers and result in a permenat change in the growing environment for the indigenous peoples in the valleys below. That is the real issue here, not who owns the titles or the mining rights.

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