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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 20, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    $12 million signing bonus for Barrick co-chairman = SLEAZESTERS wasting shareholder monies!!!


    Ladies, it's bad enough that every NO talent inherited money ivy league she-male on wall street gets paid OBSCENE monies for their sole talent of passing INSIDE INFO around and corrupting market regulators through bribes and sex favors....but what is even more OBSCENE is how a USELESS gold miner digging for a product of ZERO value pays out YOUR monies for the purpose of "signing" a clown to manage this sick gold miner???????

    Ladies, that ABX exec clown should be paying you for the chance to pose as a competent executive and earn OBSCENE sums of monies for simply showing up for lunch and nodding his head at meetings, pretending he understands that two plus two equals four, just like most of these OBSCENELY overpaid wall street exec bozo she-male clowns.

    Ladies, when are you going to say 'enough is enough???" These guys create ZERO shareholder value, and award themselves bonuses and perks for NON-performance and you MASOCHIST LOSERS just sit there quietly and say, "OK, steal even more money from me, again!!" Your share price has CRASHED and yet these ABX exec incompetents imagine that they should receive bonuses???????????????


    LOSERS...and...FAILURES....all of YOU!!!!!!

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