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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jun 12, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Beware of FAKE intraday runs at ABX = fertile ground for insiders to DUMP ABX only, this stock is RIGGED

    MSX has 100% to do with PASCUA the largest component of PASCUA LAMA

    ABX has only criminal charges to peddle, alongside to stolen never owned yet SEC + OSC filed as owned, TESOROS concessions at the heart of PASCUA MINE.

    On top of that ABX swindled markets 1994 to date with SALTS + NITRATES concessions AMARILLOS 1-3000 property of LAC MINERALS the only PASCUA AREA to ABX criminals. Never permitted to Gold production hence ABX shall extend PASCUA till the year 3000 and never produce a gram of Gold, LIARS #$%$

    On top of that ABX published a PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL including property of TESOROS concessions which are sole legal tenure of Jorge Lopehandia 2001 to date, the very man that ABX sued saying he was a nobody.

    Barrick swindled and ignored Banks, Exchanges, Canadian USA and Chilean law.

    MSX levied criminal harges in Chile successfuly, Canada and USA are next.

    manipulation down of Gold Copper and Silver is a clear signal the Gold cabala and manipulator banksters are making water as their PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCHEEME sinks low, very low at LAW.

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    • Criminal Lawsuits against Barrick at Pascua Lama for fraud and malicious use of the Pascua Lama Protocl is huge material news as Barrick needs the Pascua Lama Protocol for that project to even exist. Even more is the fact that the charges have been accepted and Barrick is facing investigations by Chile's prosecution. CNN chile reported the facts and Barrick wants it kept quiet in North America while trying to distract what MSX is really doing? Not for long IMO.

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