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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 10, 2013 11:31 PM Flag

    Canadian Lawyer EMERY lied in Chile Courts still charged, errors of administration of Justice or meddling?

    We call it INFLUENCE PEDDLING to obtain legal delays.

    1) The Judge did not follow Court rules or the Law, buying THE FISCAL theory.

    2) The FISCAL recanted EMERY´S fraud and testimony, making it appear as if she INNOCENTLY lied in her deposition committing an error as poor little lawyer of ABX - a white lie - that Barrick as filed at OSC and SEC owned TESOROS concessiosn

    3) Fiscal llied to Judge that TESOROS ownership is at stake at Vallenar Trials which is NOT, only AMARILLOS 1-3000 salts & nitrates requested to be strike off Mining Registrar at law.

    4) Emery in her deposition that Barrick and her financed HECTOR UNDA LLANOS at TESOROS since 1997, runs CONTRARY to ABX stance at 14th Civil Court in Chile and denunciation of that has been entered in Appeals Court, showing that 2001 - 2013 at APPEALS COURT Barrick sustains they do not know HECTOR UNDA LLANOS TESOROS titular (seized by Injunction 2001 to date in Jorge Lopehandias name)

    Injunction C-1912-2001 forbidding ABX from entering MINA PASCUA CHILE is the reason Barrick did NOT OPEN the Pascua Prospectus mine 1994 to date.

    NOT recent environmental damages as MAKE BELIEVE as reason to not open the Project 0
    = FRAUD to OSC and SEC alike.

    EMERY will not be off the hook, BARRICK IS UNABLE TO HAVE TO LEGAL STANCES OPPOSITE AT LAW, OVER THE SAME ISSUE, in to different Courts, such is CONTEMPT OF COURT and truth of record.

    Hence a stern warning is issued to financial terrorist spining off theories contrary to law and court decisions in Chile

    AS many lawsuits as required shall be launched to JAIL THE THUGS of ABX criminal financial den of rats

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    • Wow, it must be difficult and complex to be JL with everyone, including the Judge and the prosecutor and the Chilean government as well as Barrick and the whole of the Internet conspiring against him. No wonder he feels persecuted and paranoid.

      • 1 Reply to mtstack2000
      • The only on paranoid is you Mtstack as you are worried about ABX and the fraud they are running at Pascua Lama. Mr Lopehandia is simply suing ABX for the fraud they have created by Barrick faking ownership of mr Lopehandia's titles. Don't get to upset that Mr Lopehandia has certified domain to the titles that cover the Pascua Lama Deposit on the Chile side mtstack2000. Don't get upset Mr Lopehandia is suing Barrick and Barrick can not sue Mr Lopehandia's partner MSX. Also don't get to upset that MSX is also suing Barrick in Chile because of Barricks fraud. All Barrick is doing is trying to delay Pascua again for the 20th year of their scam, I'm sure Barrick hopes the environmental damage they created with the waste water landslide will help them exit this Pascua Lama fraud.

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