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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 10, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    Gold Silver and Copper manipulated down? = TOXIC ABX PAPER settlements? beware of FRAUD & CRIME

    Whomever is pricing metals, IS FIXING AND RIGGING them

    All related costs to produce an ounce of Gold, Silver or pund of Copper, have raised recently

    Loans interests
    legal fees
    technical personnel out contracted fees
    technical data
    filed workers other than miners fees and wages

    Why then would Gold be crashed at WILL by indicent manipulation?

    To settle TOXIC ABX PAPER? banksters fraud?

    devastating economies to make Pascua unfeasible for MSX to raise financing?

    It is called FINANCIAL MARKETS MANIPULATION without one iota of decency or fundamentals.

    Another black eye to the word CLEAN & HONEST MARKETS

    a defecation on the word DEMOCRACY

    Clear hankypanky between regulators and protected PETER MUNK a.k.a BERN MADDOF the second plus plus plus.

    My call is that physical metals shall be soaring soon as ABX is clearly broke, legally, fiancially and morally

    All Chile assets of ABX or its new buyers WILL BE SEIZED soon at law.

    ABX insiders shall be jailed for ILLICIT ENRICHMENT they are true TRAITORS to DEMOCRACY worldwide

    best FRAUD & BRIBES that influence peddling bougfht and lost at law.

    ABX is challenged just to prove 1 clean title of TESOROS concessions as filed at OSC or SEC as MINERA NEVADA SpA admitted in Vallenar 2nd Civil Court that its filed at SEC titles by ABX simply DO NOT EXIST

    ABX thus remains as FINANCIAL TERRORISTS and civil servants bribing thugs

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