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  • living38man living38man Dec 11, 2007 6:25 PM Flag

    Focus people, Focus on the big picture.


    markets hate uncertainty, and that's what's plaguing SLP right now. Sell first and ask questions latter. That is the way of the market. The first Quarter should be quite positive, and if Walt does mention that the second quarter will have some revenue from the acquisition, then that should be stated. State how much and how much should be expected in 2008. The more secretive they are the more skeptical the market becomes.

    the idiot posters bashing this stock, please just put them ignore.

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    • I believe that is what makes the market problematic and subject to wild swings, expectations (another way of providing HOPE). Whatever the revenue in the future holds, NO ONE knows for sure. It is wiser to remain silent (although it doesn't do much for short term share price and may even ruin it) than to paint a rosey picture and disappoint.

      Side note: Walt, did you have your hand in this: "An anticancer C-Kit kinase inhibitor is reengineered to make it more active and less cardiotoxic
      J. Clin. Invest. 2007 117: 4044-4054." - I'm still trying to figure out their methodology. Its not clearly stated in the original manuscript (I'm trying to dig up its referenced materials).


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