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    Howard Halpern � Taglich Brothers
    I�ll dive in on a little bit about the shift in the revenues from the second quarter into the first quarter. Based on
    what you are seeing because last year in the pharmaceutical software area you did about $1.8 million in
    revenue. Do you believe that you will be able to grow that number even with that shift?
    Walter S. Waltosz
    I am not sure where your $1.8 million comes from. Last year we did over $5 million in pharmaceutical.
    Howard Halpern � Taglich Brothers
    No, for the second quarter.
    Walter S. Waltosz
    Oh, for the second quarter. Well we haven�t said anything publicly about the second quarter but, the second
    quarter is looking very good at this time. I will leave it at that.
    Howard Halpern � Taglich Brothers
    Okay, so then with just my general math calculations and I know there�s seasonality in the quarter, based on the
    first quarter increasing by $3 million year-over-year on a whole. On average you have to do in excess of $3
    million dollars per quarter. Do I have that math correct?
    Walter S. Waltosz
    Yes. We did just under $9 million last year. So, we would have to do just under $12 million and in order to that
    we would have to be up on average $750 per quarter.
    Howard Halpern � Taglich Brothers
    I know that the third quarter normally tends to be seasonally strong based on past history at least.
    Walter S. Waltosz
    First quarter is almost always is the lowest. Not always but almost always the lowest.

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    • The 2008 numbers are going to be higher than we think! The issue is credibility. Those of us who have followed this company for a number of years know Walt is true to his word. It's just that simple! Lies are so common in todays business culture that people don't know what to do with an honest CEO.

      Never lose sight of the simple fact that Walt owns 50% of this company. His seven million shares of stock will define his treatment of all shareholders. Us included!

      1. The grant should come.

      2. "and we expect to be announcing some important new collaborations in the near future"

      3. "shipments have been going out the door"

      4. "We continue to work hard to identify, research, and close strategic acquisitions that will strengthen both the pharmaceutical and the disability products businesses, and we hope to be able to announce results in the near future.�

      When the "near future" events begin to occur I believe they will effect the bottom line. That will move the PPS.


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