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  • acestockpicker acestockpicker May 22, 2008 9:20 AM Flag

    GastroPlus most accurate in Pfizer study

    Check out today's press release. This is a very strong endorsement of GastroPlus by Pfizer. They would not allow public release of this kind of information without careful consideration.

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    • I have to agree with Ace...This is significant, and to infer otherwise is ignorant or deceitful, take your pick. Short interest has dwindled to practically nothing, so I have to assume the remaining bears are on the sidelines waiting to buy in and trying to keep prices low.

      I have officially left the sidelines and re-purchased stock in this company today. I intend to continue accumulating on weakness if I'm lucky enough to see any more of it. Seeing the reaction on such a miniscule purchase, volatility is not being affected much by the split...This thing is going to move big when some real tangible news comes in. I see downside as very limited and will be welcoming it with arms wide open.

      Oh, and I'm also buying PFE stock-way too cheap!
      Go ahead and trash-talk me for that one too.

    • The import is huge!!!

      In laymans terms...


      It really is that simple!

      Companies need it, SLP has it, and it works!

      Phama has the biggest R&D budget around!

      SLP will continue to add customers, build modules, create new product lines, and rent software!

      And as Ace said, anybody who denies the importance of the Pfizer study is deeply confused or has their own agenda.


    • Most likely motivation was to encourage independent researchers doing contract work to use the software.

    • Has Pfizer ever done business with SLP?
      I thought the biggest company was Hoffman-LaRoche


    • I completely agree with aces & disagree with creed on the importance of this article. It is quite a positive for an independent entity like Pfizer to produce such info. Especially noteworthy is the fact that Pfizer was willing to admit that the procedure that they used to use is inferior to SLP's. Pfizer didn't have to do anything but elected to produce this. Makes you wonder what their motivation was other than letting the world know of their findings.....

    • Another meaningless PR.

      Good luck!

      • 2 Replies to creedheed
      • Whew! Investors just can't gobble this baby up fast enough since that *huge* PR, can they?. Looks like the "faithful" keep their streak intact.

        Good luck!

      • Meaningless? I would expect such a comment from you and your bashing friends.

        When one company can come out number 1 against all competitors in a two-year impartial study conducted by one of the largest scientific organizations in the world it is far from meaningless. Apparently no competitor even achieved number 2 in both categories. This means that in a very competitive environment SLP has now achieved number 1 ranking in independent studies for both its GastroPlus and ADMET Predictor products. No other company in the world can say that. Act like it means nothing and you show your true colors.

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