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  • vicentbatyr vicentbatyr Jun 20, 2008 7:28 AM Flag


    This Minyanville article sums up my feelings on MDRNA...I, I was right, MDRwhocares.

    This company plays perfectly into my "underperform due to sudden name change but not sudden better business outlook" theory. Truth be told, I did not read the whole article for I find biotech information rather boring and completely un-understandable. But, I read enough to make an underperform call here...said company lacks patents (and cash for that matter, only $20M left). I know enough to understand that patents (and cash) are everything in this field. When MDRNA secures a patent, it will be time to bail on this red thumb, but that doesn't look likely, at least any time soon. Plus, they have all kinds of management problems, which usually does not lead to a higher stock price. Therefore, I'll wait for my bankruptcy charm.

    **If your open minded and not blinded by the HYPE this article proves many right on this board. The others are intoxicated or addicted to the past beatings and like to be abused and hurt!

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    • Jimmy - Changing your screen name is not the same as leaving the message board, as you have promised so many times. 63/male/Queens? Please. I said I wouldn't post if you didn't. I thought we had a deal.

      • 1 Reply to g13r4ii
      • I happen to know Jimmy and your accusing him
        of a different name which is incorrect.
        He happens to be good at (nstk) because of learning the old fashion way. But asside from the large amount of money he lost, the fact that he brought to his broker over 60 names in one month who invested over $10k to -$50k, makes him still hear every now again the question of what is that stock doing? He can't go anywhere without hearing from store owners
        all over the place and it is embarrassing till this day.
        So he has made it his mission to alert anyone and everyone who will listen regarding nstk or the new name. Think about Charlie Bronson in that movie Death Wish when they killed his daughter, well this stock has cost him dearly and has embarrassed him to death like a haunt for over 22 years.
        Don't provoke the guy or just deal with friend.
        I don't own the stock but work with him and I see him typing away researching at 6a.m. until 11 -12 midnight.
        He wiould love to see them get on their knees and go bankrupt now!
        Do what you will & good luck!

    • Keep reading - it will make you MAD (money?)

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