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  • brianisthebest1111 brianisthebest1111 Nov 8, 2012 4:28 PM Flag

    Looks like we're getting our bladder cancer program back

    as per today's 8k.This is another clinical program we can bring to the negotiating table in the pending merger.

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    • Way to go Bribabe, you're the winner for the stupidest post of the month. You got your head so far up your ace that you can spin a TERMINATION of a partnership into a positive! And the only thing "pending" is your next idiot post.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Despite your several insults and blasphemies, I'm willing to educate someone who lacks the proper mental faculties to understand on their own.

        Marina's partnership with DebioPharm was mediocre at best and garnished only $24 million in milestone payments (would take years to receive them all) plus royalties. Despite exceptional results in mice studies, DebioPharm decided to focus more on their NSCLC programs over bladder cancer. Consequently, we never received our milestone payment in 2012 as we were supposed to. Due to this, DebioPharm decided it was in their best interest to return the IP back to us and terminate the agreement (as their resources are focused elsewhere). Now, Marina has another potentially potent Oncology program which they can either license out on better terms or pursue in house after the merger. I few this as a major positive.

        I know you're a little slow and probably dropped on your head as a child, but my posts will make sense over the next couple weeks. Enjoy the bleachers, sport.

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