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  • farmerjimmy2003 farmerjimmy2003 Dec 26, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

    Open Question

    What are we all missing? Paperwork has all been files (with blanks for now). I am assuming because if the time if year and it being easier to just amend an existing filing. Is there a benefit to waiting till 12-31-2012 as compared to today or tomorrow? With no money I can not see this dragging out to 2013 , but then again, I have been wrong many more times with this stock then right. All I want for Christmas is an answer.

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    • I don't think we will hear anything until January. Many are not at work this week. Price is meaningless with volume this low. Anybody with $13,000 could have accounted for all of the trades today so far. Who said "There's a time to buy, a time to sell and a long time to do nothing" when speaking about stocks?

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    • Could just be they want to do things after New Years when more people are around (really don't know if that's factually true), are finishing up on all the paperwork for it, are still negotiating, or don't have anything and this was an attempt to make themselves more attractive for the possibility of things going in their favour. The amount of time it took to hear anything after the last "we could go bankrupt" filing was enough for me to just accept it for what it is.

      There is a chance this will fail miserably, that deals aren't going through as French wished, and he has been setting up really minor deals to keep the company afloat in the hopes someone would finally come along and either fund, merge, or buy.

      There is also a chance something is in the works and it's not yet ready for public display, he likes to know who the true longs are in the company, or he just decided that it's not the right time and he wants it out at a later date. It may even have to do with another company. If they've sold or merged, perhaps the other company wants it to be on their terms so the shares benefit the most from them.

      I'm in the boat that something good is right around the corner and it's well worth the wait. GLTA and hope the New Year turns into something incredible, this stock or not. Even for people like mrnachick and topsy..... nope.. never mind. Just mrnachick. The thought of goodwill towards Topsey just cause me to throw up a little. I hope the lump of coal santa left him spontaneously combusts while it's sitting in his lap. (not that there's much to burn anyway)

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      • " GLTA and hope the New Year turns into something incredible, this stock or not. Even for people like mrnachick and topsy..... nope.. never mind. Just mrnachick."

        Thank you for the kind words. I like your post because you're one of the posters that admits that the possibility of complete and utter failure is statistically the most likely. And for those who've followed all of my postings know that I truely hope that I am wrong and those sticking it out to the bitter end will make lots of money. I personally think that not only has this been a financial disaster up to this point (remember, the true pre-reverse split price is 0.01125) but will continue to be from here on out. But as the wise man said, "what do I know?"

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