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  • farmerjimmy2003 farmerjimmy2003 Mar 20, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    So who is left?

    We have seen a number of folks stating that they will remain long till the end. (me included) Since the number is getting smaller it is easier to see and speculate when someone leaves the fold. I agree with cematulka that it is probably a dissatisfied retail long. I also ask if you can enlighten us. Did you hear or see something or are you just fed up and have finally given up the ghost? Although the number of retail longs has dropped dramatically, I am guessing, that as a whole, we still have a good number of shares. ( Despite recent give aways by the company) Unlike cematulka, I think we are at ropes end, one way or another. This can not continue as it has in the past. There is less and less to give away each offering. Any thoughts?

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    • I am still here. Not very confident since I have been holding for about 1 year (before the RS). I don't know why I am still holding.

    • Farmer, "ropes end" is possible but not likely it will be any time soon,IMO. The problem with mrna is it could be in limbo for as long as it took to reach this point, years in my view, I have some stuff in my account that is near a decade old. What is a mother to do? As you can read in the posts preceding mine there are others that are willing to not only ride this out but add to their position albeit with little more than a casino chip of hope.
      I don't condone it but often the scavenger hunt is the most rewarding, in the same light I would not like to be taken as the village dolt that everyone already takes me for, and for this is the reason I was asking for the head count.
      mrna is in dark waters on the dark side of science with a dark moon shining darkly, if you tell people here that you know more than the rest of us then you'll be met with a lot of well founded skepticism, all one needs to verify is to look at an extended chart. If a 100k was manipulation, it works, when it turns towards 1m that should make every one jittery, ie,,,,sold too soon or glad I got out! Be prepared to wait a lot longer for this one to boil.

    • Hey Farmer et al,
      I am still here. I have recently read some posters saying that the smart money will come in now and buy the shares on the cheap. The question for me is "Would this be a good stock to buy now if I had no shares or history with the company?" There is an accounting term called sunk costs that is useful in this case. A sunk cost is a past cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. The sunk cost drives people to continue with projects that are not financially sound because they already have a lot vested in them. The key is to look at the project from where you are and going forward and not consider the money that you have already invested. We are hanging on because we have bought at a higher price than the stock is currently trading at. So would we buy this stock today at the current price knowing what the future may hold for this company? I for one would take a chance with a modest percent of my portfolio so as to possibly earn extraordinary gains after I see the "smart money" begin to accumulate. I have seen no signs of this smart money beginning to accumulate so as an irrational investor, part-time gambler, and psychologically dysfunctional human being, I have bought more shares on the dip yesterday.
      One lesson I have learned with my mutual funds is to not obsess over the price fluctuations on a daily basis. I review the performance and diversifications of holdings a couple times a year and busy myself with life between them. I know that over time the appreciation will take care of itself contrary to my diligent monitoring. I like most, am waiting for a turnaround from a milestone payment, venture capital cash infusion, RNAi breakthrough from another company, or possibly the demise of the company. I hope there is still a little life left in the company and it rebuilds with the promise of better health for a lot of people. In the meantime I will live life to the fullest and let the chips fall where the may.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I'll stick around. DCA is $.82 so it's not like I've got much choice - I could care less about what's left.

      Sentiment: Hold

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