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  • corncob3001 corncob3001 Jan 31, 2014 1:02 PM Flag

    Tractor Supply Does Not Sale Tractors

    Folks, I know it's hard for some of you to believe but Tractor Supply DOES NOT sale tractors. I hear a lot of people put Deere and Tractor Supply in the same sentence and it's almost comical. Tractor Supply has literally 2 small isles that have a few common tractor parts but it is in no way a core part of their business. (They do, in fact, sale LAWN tractors). All of these people saying that TSCO will be killed by the farm bill have obviously never stepped foot in a Tractor Supply store; that is basically the same thing as saying that DirectTV will be hurt by Paula Dean's downfall. Tractor Supply's main customer base is not farmers! TSC's main customer base are the same type of people that shop at home depot, just normal everyday people like you and me. People go into TSC to buy dog/horse feed, gun safes, lawn mowers, gardening equipment, welders, tool boxes, fencing supplies, clothes, and toys. While I'm sure there will be a trickle down effect from the farm bill, folks need to understand that its not going to kill this company!

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    • Everybody replying to this post is a little bit right and a little bit wrong. True TSC is not a commercial farm store but commercial farmers do shop there. When I need something on a Sunday or while going out for other things I do buy supplies at TSC. I have bought gates, fencing materials, feed, milk replacer, antibiotics etc. etc. The commercial feed store in town is not open Saturday afternoons or on Sunday if I need something I'll go to TSC. TSC business model could definitely be changed to take better advantage of the commercial farmers needs. My guess is that the people making the decisions are clueless.

    • Yep, Feb 25 they'll lower guidance! Why do you think they pull an intra-quarter update???

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    • Dear Corncob (pull it out!), WHO here said they sold tractors? And cutting $billions out of rural communities WILL hurt their markets. TheThey are "rural" aren't they?? I've been in their stores. In fact grew up on a farm in the midwest. As for “Tractors” WHICH I NEVER SAID JACK, CORNCOB, OR WHEAT BUSHEL ABOUT – CUTTIGN DIRECT SUBSIDIES WHERE CROPS DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE PLANTED WAS JUST FREE MONEY INTO THOSE MARKETS – AND NOT LIKE THEY HAD TO BUY A (SUPPOSED) TRACTOR ANYWAY. THE CLAIM IS ABOUT WHAT THE US AGG DEPT CONCURS – 2014 FARM INCOMES (THEY DO EFFECT RURAL ECONOMIES NO?) WILL BE DOWN 27%. We shall see! I KNOW how those economies go - and don't. And we can see on the 25th if guidance is not tempered some more (even though Farm Bill won't be phased in for many months yet).

      What WAS SAID: ""TSCO targets recreational farmers and consumers inclined to the farming and ranching lifestyle [SEE:RURAL!], rather than commercial farmers.| We'll see just how much free cash for TSCO "recreational farmers" and RELATED COMMUNITIES have to spend after US Ag Dept cut 2014 farm incme estimates 27%. Granted they are not emphasizing the "production farming business" - but the rural economies TSCO operates in are DIRECTLY impacted. You pull $6 Billion out of the rural economy AND the RURAL LIFESTYLE (jeez, not like there's any "rural farm effected people in that group) is NOT effected (and the company operates on another planet in a parallel universe too) - nor hammered by the first sizable downturn in crop prices in years.

      Jeez, not like it shows u in company product mix:
      "Livestock and Pet - 39% of net sales
      Hardware and Seasonal 23% of net sales
      As co also says "As a seller of farming and ranching equipment and supplies, Tractor Supply Co.'s revenues are dependent upon local weather patterns, especially in the second and fourth quarter when its customers are preparing for planting and harvest."
      Dang, that "planting and harvest." just sounds too farm related doesn't it.

    • TSCO should change its name to Farm, Yard, fix your anything and be a Cowboy supply!

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