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  • ianwallach Oct 22, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    Welcome new bag holders to this high debt mismanaged gas co...

    Hope u didnt buy on icahn hopes
    Look he bought 16%of nuance and down a ton
    Tlm take under possible as assets diminish

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    • Carl Icahn is legendary as a corporate raider turned restructurer. TLM's management appears to be quite receptive of him, so the battle is half won. With his stake in the co and his idea incorporated, It will take a maximum of a year to turn the co around to realize its substantial value. I know that because it was exactly what he had done in CHK. His stake in CHK has doubled in value over a little over a year, then the rumor is raging now for CHK to be taken over. This is simply another energy co he has done well with, not to mention his stake in NFLX where he bought at $48/share and now close to $400! So there is nothing wrong to follow the smart money over a loser like you posting in MB.

    • nice try.
      we're going much higher whether you like it or not.

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      • TLM as we know it will be absorbed into another entity....maybe back to BP? That would be ironic....but this does not really matter since the end result will be a higher price than where it is trading at today....$17.00 or $18.00 seems like a nice target or goal here for me....even $16.00 seems like just the first step.....$277M investment from Icahn is just the kind of push we(TLM) need.

        For those that keep "talking" down TLM prospects.....if you believe strongly that TLM is going down then buy the puts? Strangely there is no evidence that this is happening....go figure.

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