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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Dec 22, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    From the "where are they now" files: Braov, KAIROS. Bravo.

    .....One of the groups that led the fight against Talisman’s Sudanese investment is KAIROS, a coalition of church groups, African relief organizations and unions.

    It claimed, in one of its press releases, that oil development in the Sudan “is virtually synonymous with civil war and gross violations of human rights.”

    Toronto-based KAIROS claimed “foreign companies like Talisman are clearly profiting from armed conflict.”

    When Talisman announced its plans to sell its Sudanese stake, however, KAIROS said the company “has blatantly walked away from its responsibilities in Sudan,” claiming “it might have played a constructive role in transforming oil development into a force for peace rather than the instrument of death it has become.”

    That was then.

    Today (2004) KAIROS has dropped its monitoring of Talisman, a spokesperson says.

    “Since Talisman shut down their operations in the Sudan, we keep tabs on them but we’re not following them the way we did,” she says.
    #$%$. Holes.