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  • slednfool65 slednfool65 Jan 11, 2004 10:07 PM Flag

    Is UNA Tobin Smith's "Ten Bagger"

    I'm too cheap to join Tobin Smith's, ChangeWave Investing, but I get an e-mail from them daily urging me to join and giving me teasers like this:

    " Very few joys in life come close to that of owning a $100
    stock -- that you bought for $10. Our top RFID company will give
    you that experience -- only better, and here's why:

    This company is a billion-dollar (sales) outfit known on
    Wall Street as an exceptionally DULL supplier to the automotive
    industry. YAWN.

    One obscure division of this company happens to have the
    total SOLUTION for mandated RFID systems. NOW -- today -- and ready
    to ship in MASS quantities.

    That's right: they are one of just a very few companies on
    EARTH able to meet this worldwide technology mandate that 75,000
    Wal-Mart suppliers are going to be scrambling and clawing for in

    And you are buying this business essentially FREE, because
    Wall Street is still unaware of the hidden jewel within this sleepy
    company. We're looking at 200% earnings growth in the coming year,
    a market cap at close to 3 BILLION in 24 months -- and then a
    spin-off, taking us comfortably into ten-bagger territory.

    Best of all, this is a low-risk stock: This is the ONLY way,
    as a supplier, you can get your RFID systems up in time for
    Wal-Mart's deadline. And this company is sitting on $240 million in
    cash with no long-term debt; the Street valuation is absurdly based
    on automotive manufacturing metrics; and you get in on the spin-off
    I.P.O at a time when other investors would kill for just one share."

    So, is UNA the company he is talking about?
    Is what he says true?
    Looking at the forward P/E, it seems very expensive already. Or do the estimates not take into account the potential RFID sales?

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