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  • thefattlady thefattlady Jun 12, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    As Lebed talks up CCUR, his Affiliate is liquidating shares.......

    When Lebed started talking up CCUR a few months ago his Affiliate owned 360K shares. As of Lebed's latest email his affiliates holdings are down to 250K shares.

    So if CCUR is such a great buy, as Lebed says it is..... WHY DID LEBED'S AFFILIATE SELL 110K SHARES?

    You know why and I know why. Because Lebed is doing his friend's bidding. Lebed is creating liquidity so his friend can sell copious amounts of shares of CCUR without forcing the price down too much.

    Once his friend has sold out of shares, Lebed will run from this stock AND YOU WILL BE LEFT HOLDING OVERPRICED SHARES. Then watch the stock head below $5.

    You can take that to the bank!

    p.s. Here is a question for you..... How does a company that is only expected to make $0.31 per share this year pay a $0.48 annual dividend? Are they selling office furniture to raise money to cover the dividend? Call the company, ask them!

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    • At this point, Ledbed and his ilk are a non-factor. Just background noise, if you will.

      I would be more concerned about the company, not an activist investor. I went long CCUR, again, last week on the doubling of the dividend to 6%. Now, why is this so important? CCUR's management has historically been so conservative and tight-lipped, over these past few years, that the only objective opinion any long term investor could hold is that management's goal is simply just to "tread water"; i.e. to collect a nice salary and stock options for as long as possible. CCUR management sat on $3.50 in cash for years, while the stock languished between $3-5.

      What was Management waiting for? Was it for the MDAS or multi-screen biz to finally get legs? Now, the CCUR is winning contracts for multi-screen with big MSO's and is even seeing a pickup in its real-time biz. What is the most objective evidence that revenue picture is looking brighter? How about paying a 6% dividend at the cost of $1 million per quarter.

      And if management fails to deliver, the comfy cushion of all that cash, is no longer there to prop the stock price and provide job security. I think management sees improvement. Netflix and other OTT's, who are cherry picking with impunity, are forcing the MSO's to get serious on spending on capex to deliver multi-screen and enhanced functionality of the settop box.

      CCUR is finally positioned to see revs increased with its leading position in CDN-multiscreen for MSO's. TMW, JCOM, Virgin Media, Kabel Deutchland and possibly COX and others to follow.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Nice explanation of your fundamental thesis. I respect that and gave your post a thumbs up.

        However, If NIA (Leb's affiliate?) is not looking to sell, why is Lebed pressing so hard? Eight emails per week about a mediocre company that Lebed supposedly has no interest in doesn't fly with me. Can you address the issue of the outragous dividend payout well above EPS? If they are all you think they are, that money should be invested in growth & R&D. Mature fading companies pay large dividends, not growing companies.

        Unfortunately this stock is now full of Lebed lovering college aged 500 share retail speculators. I think you underestimate his influence on small cap stocks. Once Lebed runs from it, and when his affiliate sells, HE WILL RUN FROM IT, this stock will have a lot less cash on it's balance sheet and will be back under $5.

        Recipe for disappointment

        P.S. I have no position in the stock. (I flipped the dividend increase announcment). However have ZERO use for Lebed and his unethical tactics. Frankly if the SEC wanted to, I think they should/could have convicted him and put him in prison long ago, but the SEC doesn't want to do anything that could make investors lose faith in our corrupt markets.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • In April NIA gave a good explanation why they were forced to sell the 110K shares. The fact is, they still hold 250K shares, which I believe they will not sell until the PPS becomes much higher. I appreciate their consistency and persistency.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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