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  • eiretekk eiretekk Sep 3, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    NIA - Our professional investment advisor's latest opinion

    "According to NIA's stock screener, Concurrent (CCUR) is the only debt free, non-China stock, trading on a major U.S. exchange today with an enterprise value/revenue ratio of below 0.70, an enterprise value/EBITDA ratio of below 5.50, and a dividend yield of above 6%! In NIA's opinion, this fundamentally makes CCUR the most undervalued stock on the NASDAQ today with the largest short-term upside potential! CCUR's recent earnings report was anti-climatic due to its 10-K not being filed at the same time, but it will be filed any day now - providing us with full insight on CCUR's booming businesses and rapidly improving fundamentals - and NIA believes those who took profits last week will jump back into the stock, sending it to new 52-week highs!

    At yesterday's closing price of $7.66, CCUR had an enterprise value/revenue ratio of 0.62, an enterprise value/EBITDA ratio of 5, an enterprise value/adjusted-EBITDA ratio of 4.52, and a dividend yield of 6.3%! (An enterprise value/adjusted-EBITDA ratio excludes share-based compensation from a company's expenses while an enterprise value/EBITDA ratio does not.)

    To receive CCUR's HUGE new cash dividend of $0.12 per share that was just declared this morning you must be a shareholder at the close of trading on Wednesday, September 11th (one week from tomorrow)!"

    I'm somewhat baffled at the description of the 12c dividend as "huge". I'm not familiar with Mr. Lebed's neighborhood but in neighborhood, 12c wont get you a lollipop!

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    • Is it possible that a large fund can jump in at current price, $7.74, on 20,000 shares, and jump out after ex-date at, for example, $8.14 (up $.40 in one week) and grab $0.12 AND $0.40 = $0.52 or 14% on money deployed for only 7 days? Is that even possible? Does anyone bother doing that? I can't even imagine? Who would go to all that trouble? Sounds crazy to me!

    • On rereading NIA's opinion, we see that NIA regards CCUR's latest results as anti-climatic". There's an article in today's news from a NASA study about the " abrupt retreat of mountain glaciers in the European Alps in the 1860s has uncovered strong evidence that absorption of sunlight in snow by soot, or black carbon, released by a rapidly industrializing Europe was to blame." This sounds plausible to me but I cannot fathom how CCUR's results could also have affected the weather! Is there a connection between streaming media over multiple devises and weather patterns? Anyone??

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