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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 Nov 13, 2004 11:45 AM Flag

    Underpaid Employees------

    That is not a good thing. Employees are quitting their jobs because WSM is not matching pay scales of other similar employers. After awhile their discounts get old and employees are moving on. I do not work for them and never have - I'm just stating the facts. Their employees are way underpaid. This is the first sign of problems. Next they will be cutting employees and expecting thse who are left to work harder. I'm not even interested in this stock if it gets cheaper after learning this. Check it out if you know someone who works there.

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    • i did not say stockoption i said stockplan you put ex amount and they put, i think an other do that for just 10 years all tax referred and you have a pretty amount.

    • I don't know why the unemployment rate is 2.3% in Palm desert. Maybe you owe it to your governor or maybe the unemployed can't afford to live in Palm Desert so it's low by natural selection. A lot of people apply to work at WS and most of them are part time only and state the reason as they love the products and want the 40% discount. WS is not short on part-time employees and so what jj says is true, the employees carry the store and if that's so you should worry when they get unhappy and walk away from that discount and are abet to get products somewhere else for just as cheap. Sales Associates do not get stock options, they get 40%.

      Management sucks, H.R. sucks, the company sucks to work for.

    • how come unemployment rate is 2.3% in palm you would think no people would apply at wsm. but lot's people apply at wsm and have to be turned away.maybe not for the 40% but stockplan.healthplan.promotion? you tell me employeewithin.

    • Look back at this post and through this thread. jjmento is right and there are others that have been here before her. 40% is a huge discount, so why do you think they offer it? Because it's the only attraction to working there. Management sucks and has only gotten worse. So does H.R. Mike Margarita has always pumped this company claiming not to be an insider and claiming to know employees. He is a shill for H.R., so if it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

      40% People! It's all they offer their employees and don't go around feeling good about that.

    • Dear Mojo...
      re: NAFTA - the "NA" stands for "North American". The bulk of the imports are from the Pacific rim (read Asia) not Mexico or Canada...
      So far as buying a $40 item for $400... well that's just plain dumb... the folks that do this have the money to burn... more power to a retailer that can get this type of return.
      It's managements primary objective to increase sales and reduce expenses - it results in greater profits and higher stock prices... sorry to hear that you are not now (or have not been in the past) satisfied with your compensation, but that is the beauty of the American dream = go get it somewhere else. I wish you the best in catching your dreams.

    • Thank you for replying. Your post struck me as absolutely sincere and honest. Looking at it from my position, one thing that immediately stood out is the devastating impact of bad management. ALL of the things you pointed to as problems are MANAGER caused or allowed...except for the storage problems. That's coming from up top....and it is a SERIOUS negative. I know that Mr. Lester was recently told in a local Q&A session in this area that store room limitations was a TOP problem....and a huge money drain as employees must devote so much inefficient time to storing/finding stock. The other stuff you mentioned is serious stuff....but stuff that realy stems from the D.M. and the store managers. The company seems to be trying to get feedback from it's troops. That's good. Hopefully, they'll identify systemic problems and create fixes. The problem of sloppy, goofy, incompetent or just arrogant managers is harder to fix.....simply because it's difficult to flush people you've already invested so much in. I suggest you write DIRECTLY to Howard. Tell him what's going on. I'll bet he'll be interested.
      A company has to be continuously reborn. Systems break, decay, get rusty or outdated. WSM has it's share of screwups, no doubt. It's folks like you they NEED. Help us all. Speak up. :-)

    • There is a big gap between managers and regular employees. We have a District Manager who refuses to talk to regular employees. This person will ONLY deal with management level, even when complaints have been filed from regular "joes".

      I have always loved WS, hence my initial desire to become part of the team. However, as the years have progressed, I have seen trends that are unhealthy for the ENTIRE picture.

      We have people serving food that has been improperly handled. We have products that are put on the shelf broken, mislabeled, past expiration. We have managers forcing people to work off the clock so the managers can get that "bonus." We have managers "fixing" people's time so that it doesn't reflect any overtime. We have managers not clocking in employees for time spent for instore training. We have fire hazards constantly ignored. (Although the fire marshall has said that next time he would probably shut us down if we didn't clear up the problems.)

      The fact is that the company is looking for short term fixes (don't spend money) for long term problems (much more competition getting more aggressive - Sur La Table which just got a HUGE influx of Wall Street Money)

      And, remember, a "war" can be lost for "want of a nail." A LITTLE slice of reality can be more important than the BIG pie.

    • Since I wasn't talking to you, I feel no need to offer you an apology. You are certainly entitled to your views. Nothing in this world is perfect...or above criticism. I happen to think that WSM is a solid, well concieved, well positioned and well run company. Please don't be upset by my words. I mean no harm.
      Merry Christmas!

    • when our society looks down on those that actually work or produce something other than tick marks near a stock. It is even more shameful for companies to treat it's employees like crud and glorify its "stockholders." Shouldn't it be the other way around?

      Investing is taking a look at HOW the company is run, the organizational operations, the product and long term, etc.

      Gambling is buying low and selling high within a matter of minutes, hours or days.

    • I work there.

      What you say is true.

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