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  • vol2smile vol2smile Dec 6, 2011 11:53 AM Flag

    Door appears open for run to $1.85-$2.10...

    When u see the greedy couple (bonzo7774 and is_10_nuts) promoting that stock n the same direction, something is seriously wrong, just be careful ....

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    • I agree! Nonetheless anybody should do their own homework and understand where they are putting their money to invest as opposed to listening to a basher or a pumper for investment advice..Anybody should do their homework and understand and completely be convinced that TAT is a good option or not...

      I invested in this company because I already did my homework, read the FS, listen to the conference call, applied FS ratios and I happen to believe this is a good buy, others might disagree with me and they might be right but as they say...there is no magic formula.

    • Greedy? What makes them greedy in your mind? If it's because they want to make a profit, then I suppose you could make that claim about all of us. Et tu, Brute?

      Incidentally, it's curious that you lumped Is10Nuts and Bozo into the same sentence. I haven't read Bozo's rants recently because I've got him (and his ilk) on IGNORE, but unless something's radically changed, I think you'll find their means at polar opposites. If I'm wrong about that, in other words if Bozo has taken a big gulp of rational juice, let me know so I can take the little monkey off IGNORE.

      But lest I get carried away with a bunch of unrelated "personality" nonsense, back to TAT for a second. Today is a return to pretty quiet volume. And light volume in this stock usually portends a downward drift in price... as we see today. But just remember, while those short term traders who nibbled at $1.00 are now unloading with a 30% pop, there's a big whale lying in the weeds out there waiting to attack. We've spotted him before and, unless my gut is betraying me, we'll spot that magnificant rascal again. Stay tuned...

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