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  • vol2smile vol2smile Mar 9, 2012 1:53 PM Flag

    Last chance to buy...

    Mkt are expecting bad news for this quarter. It really depends on how bad the news from CC will be vs expectation ....

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    • <<Mkt are expecting bad news for this quarter>>

      Just curious did you come to this conclusion concerning TAT and the "Market"??...

      Please explain.....thanks

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      • We used to have this earning run as people know Malone will buy after the CC. This time the earning run pattern seems disappeared. And we know the market knows something (check the price/volume increase the day before Viking news release), also the market expects the final good news from Viking sale, so there must be some bad news already priced in (death accident reported before, anything else)....

      • Here is my 2 cents on relationship between market and TAT.

        95 % of the "market" has no clue of what Transatlantic Petroleum LTD is and if you serve it hot or cold. TAT is never in the news, you DO NOT hear about it on CNBC or Bloomberg. You do not read about TAT in any credible publications except for few desperate financial newsletters.

        4.9 % have been burned by TAT in the last year, will not touch TAT and do not want to hear about TAT.

        .1 % (subtract few on this board) can not or will not invest (gamble) on the stock bellow $ 5.00.

        What percentage remains, expect whatever they expect. :)

        What upsets me is that TAT's PR/IR is actually getting paid for doing a wonderful??? job with the 95 %.

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