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  • alta10bc alta10bc Apr 4, 2011 10:14 PM Flag

    ...BGY dividend cut.......

    ....Yield is about 13.1%....I know maaveriks you are forecasting a dividend cut....what about CII at 12.9% and BOE at 12.1%, are they going to cut their dividend as well?

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    • I own CII. NAV at a healthy $15 and up 5% YTD. Another global fund is EXG. NAV is up 6.5% YTD and is at a 10% DISCOUNT and a 10.7% yield. Eaton Vance funds have gotten clobbered but they will eventually come back. They always do.

      Both CII and EXG are much more attractive than BGY. BGY tends to make big moves up and down so I wouldn't get too bullish on this recent move since it can go down just as quickly. Don't know BOE that well.

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      • @Maav, have always appreciated your posts and have learned to respect your thoughts. You are among those here who've helped me make money. For that I thank you.

        Recently attempted message board searches looking for 'dividend cut' info. Searches for any specific sentiment topic is reaching the 'useless' point. Not much one can do about spam character of posts but it does cause frustration. Didn't mean to vent that on the board. Sorry if it came across like that. Wanting facts or pointers to facts is surprisingly stressful.

    • Sentiment expression is often valued as so much air across the vocal cords. Don't really think one gets "stars" for guessing div cuts. Some better analysis is needed.

      Wish there were a way for investors to force more timely reporting (instead of semi-annual). Wonder if a write-in campaign to the SEC would work. Doubt it. In the mean time our confusion fills these msg boards.

      It's hard to believe all of ROC is from options strategies --- then we get a surprise for 4thQ 2010 where the entire div was income. Not even short/long gain but income. (Per cefconnect which I tend to believe.)

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