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  • uncletrebor uncletrebor Mar 28, 2002 12:12 PM Flag

    A Bit off the Subject,

    but if anyone here ever needed proof that shorters and bashers dominate most boards, look at this one for a stock that's climbed like 50% since Sept. There are very few messages and many relate to personalities and not stock. Look at LIZ, too. As long as it's going up and offers no opportunity for shorts, messages are at a minimum.
    Keep the Faith

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    • Chubby,

      So a few investors got duped by a couple of slant eyes. Doesn't mean that there isn't a cure for presbyopia. I'm going to book an appointment with my optician and get more info. I'll get back to you later.

      Just to keep on topic I'll ask him if he owns a pair of Wranglers.

    • Here's your Presbybopia laser. Why do I think of chicken guts whenever I read about this guy..You should be disturbed about....well, I think you are butt know.

      The truth on Dr. Lin and SRGL.
      The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and the
      Securities and Exchange Commission charged Dr. J.T. Lin and
      his wife, Yuchin Lin, with artificially inflating the price of SurgiLight
      (SRGL, 0.25) common stock tenfold by issuing false and misleading
      press releases concerning SurgiLight's laser's ability to correct
      presbyopia. The SEC said that the claims were unfounded at the
      time: only one laser existed, and it hadn't been tested in any
      presbyopia procedures. The Lins allegedly made $1.7 million from
      these activities. Dr. Lin founded SurgiLight and was a director and
      officer until last July, when he became a consultant to the company.
      SurgiLight placed him on a leave of absence upon hearing of the charges.

      The Lins reportedly dumped a large amount of SurgiLight stock on
      the public through two nominee accounts and moved the proceeds
      from offshore accounts to a domestic account held in SurgiLight's
      name. They were assisted by Aaron Tsai, who reportedly sold
      over $1 million of SurgiLight for his own account.

      In addition, the SEC found that Delores Easthom was paid to post
      touts of SurgiLight on Internet bulletin boards including Raging Bull
      without disclosing her compensation arrangement with the company.

      The SEC also wants an injunction against SurgiLight, because it was
      involved in issuing the false press releases and because $1.2 million
      of the illegal proceeds landed in a company bank account. SurgiLight
      said in a press release that "the alleged conduct occurred more than
      two years ago, when Dr. Lin and his associates exercised effective
      control of the Company." The company added that current
      management is not involved, it has cooperated fully with investigators,
      and Dr. Lin "has provided written assurance that he will fully indemnify
      the Company for any liability in this matter." SurgiLight has submitted
      clinical data to the FDA for its OptiVision laser system for presbyopia
      and is hoping for an IDE to begin second-stage testing at U.S. clinics.


      Ps. short that one! k mart and snrs are 6-7

    • Chubby,

      What about SNRS or were you just shorting the pig all the way down? Also, I'm surprised you didn't have a large stake in K-Mart.

    • Syvestor, there is intelligent life here!...and the sound of rocking chairs, geritol farts(not unlike rotton eggs), rolaid belches and exlax ooops.

      Imagine arguing over one pocket or 5? For crying out loud...all you need is one! I thought the boob builder was a good suggestion but their more concerned with pockets than a good presentation. Go figure!

      Well, as always,...good as hell to see ya.


    • I usually don't reveal my top 5, but I'm feeling charitable so here you go.

      1) Global Crossing

      2) Winstar Com.

      3) Psix

      4) Worldcom

      5 TNFI

      If you "scramble", you can still get into them.


    • Oh yah...thanks for the toilet cleaning reminder...let's not forget Gilbert...

    • Chubby, Give me your top 5 stocks in your portfolio. I want to short them all. Hopefully there will be one or two I will have heard of and not your usual bottom fishing.

    • Hey eggs for brains...Fork YOU! We're having confessions here! geeze.


    • You call cleaning the toilets good times?

    • Could go by ramma damma ding dong for all I care...whatever you fancy.

      Can't tell ya what I did there...would give identity away, and we can't have that. Worked with all of the usual suspects - Klopp, Hamilton, Erickson, Applegate, Castner, Parsons, Tucci, and so on...during those heady days of the 70's and 80's...left after Simon and gang took over...damn thieving pond scum... anyway, still have an oval intention and other good stuff...and some great memories of good times...

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