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  • randomman_us randomman_us Nov 3, 2004 11:53 AM Flag

    Best line so far...

    John Edwards says it ain't over 'til his wife sings.

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    • Lifes a beach and then you die...then they throw dirt on ya.


      ps have a good weekend.

    • For now it is bad memory and sore the future, we have complete loss of short term memory, then dementia...along with incontinence, eyesight failure and drolling... get them in order, little teddy boy.

      Have a great weekend!

    • random,

      Do you still drool?


    • Egg,

      I realize that you're a little slow on the uptake these did drink that canal juice? I strung it out a bit. The more n's, the bigger the hole.

      Here's a hot stock for ya, get it while you can.



    • No reason for personal attacks, my poached/fried/scrambled friend.

      More drug trivia...

      In one 1985 study done by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on the money machines in a U.S. Federal Reserve district bank, random samples of $50 and $100 bills revealed that a third to a half of all the currency tested bore traces of cocaine. Moreover, the machines themselves were often found to test positive, meaning that subsequent batches of cash fed through them would also pick up cocaine residue. Expert evidence given before a federal appeals court in 1995 showed that three out of four bills randomly examined in the Los Angeles area bore traces of the drug. In a 1997 study conducted at the Argonne National Laboratory, nearly four out of five one-dollar bills in Chicago suburbs were found to bear discernable traces of cocaine. In another study, more than 135 bills from seven U.S. cities were tested, and all but four were contaminated with traces of cocaine. These bills had been collected from restaurants, stores, and banks in cities from Milwaukee to Dallas.

      A single bill used to snort cocaine or otherwise mingled with the drug can contaminate an entire cash drawer. When counting and sorting machines (which fan the bills, and thus the cocaine) are factored in, it's no wonder that so much of the currency now in circulation wouldn't pass any purity tests.

    • This board is going to pot. Geddit????

      Chubby, there is only one "n" in anus. Not sure what else is in anus's anus other than his head.

    • I smoke two joints in the morning
      I smoke two joints at night,
      I smoke two joints in the afternoon
      and it makes me feel alright
      I smoke two joints in time of peace
      and two in time of war
      smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
      and then I smoke two more

      yeah thats what i do, hey

      mama she always told me son you really have it bad
      mama she always told me son you do the best you can
      then one day I met a man he came to me and said
      I work good and I work fine but first take care of him

      I smoke two joints in the morning
      I smoke two joints at night
      I smoke two joints in the video game
      and it mkes me feel alright
      I smoke two joints in the time of peace
      and two in time of war
      I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
      and then I smoke two more

      ooh ooh ooh ooh

    • Annus,

      This sounds like a Republican/Democrat thingy, red and blue. You're starting to sound like eggy with the sweet and heavy thing.


    • Miss Jeans...
      Hmmm...don't know about Carolina Blue, but I am a west coast guy. Sounds like it might be sweet and heavy with resin. Not that I would know much about that kind of thing. Any more.

    • Panama Red, Panama Red
      He'll steal your woman then he'll rob your head
      Panama Red, Panama Red
      On his wild horse Mescalito He come breezing though town
      I bet your woman's up in bed with ol'Panama Red


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