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  • anchorbine anchorbine Apr 21, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    CSC - Destruction of your IT group

    I don't think anybody cares for outsourcing, however, to take it personally and rail against the company who did it is pointless, and further, petulant.


    I'd much rather call the support center and speak to somebody who speaks coherent english. It's frustrating, when you can barely understand a word they say.


    However, as somebody with IT skills, it is YOUR responsibility to continue to further your own expertise and knowledge, so that if you get outsourced, there are other opportunities avaialable to you.


    My brother in law has been offered jobs in 4 different firms in the past year at nearly six figures. Clearly, in spite of outsourcing, there is a need for IT individuals.


    So rather then dwell on a company you feel wronged you, move forward with your life.

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    • I am not, never have been, an employee of VF. I was an emp for 16 months with CSC while at Aon. I am NOW an independent consultant who has MOVED ON with my life!!! How little you know before you open up and type statements. I sincerely HATE outsourcing and feel a responsibility to warm IT staff in various companies of the coming issues they will face.

      So, why don't you THINK before your write.

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      • I was seven years at Aon total, inclusive of CSC at the tail end. I was also responsible for our servers in lower Manhattan. One of those two tall buildings, remember, the ones that vanished on a certain September morning about 10 years ago. I was part of the team that redistributed over 1,200 systems post that day in September.

        Just in case you THOUGHT that 16 months was, well, kinda short.

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