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  • WhySoQuiet WhySoQuiet Jan 30, 1999 11:01 AM Flag

    Why is there no ACTIVITY?

    What's up? Why has the stock stagnated? Does anybody have an answer? Does anybody visit this site? Does anybody CARE? Why so Quiet?

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    • Keep in mind, Tim Lambeth was a 30 year Wrangler
      man (primarily in finance) before the boys back EAST
      decided to make him Pres. at Lee. Even though I didn't
      like a lot of Fred Rowan's tactics, he DID have Lee
      focused before his departure. However, that focus was
      stepping on Wrangler's toes in the mid-level channels of
      distribution, which the "bubbas" didn't want.

      Lambeth is
      back home in Greensboro, and I would imagine the folks
      in Europe were probably more than happy to get rid
      of him and welcome Terry back.

    • What "games" with what "numbers"?? That was
      pretty lame even for a short. Care to be a bit more
      Balance sheet looks pretty good to me ... and we've seen
      this before in this stock. Even now, would rather be
      holding this than a net skyrocket right now.

    • VFC has been playing games with its numbers far
      too long. It used up what cushion it had available on
      the balance sheet and is now in a world of

      This stock will see $26 within a month. Any LT
      investement in VFC is dead money.

    • NEW YORK, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers said
      Thursday it has lowered Hershey Foods Corp.'s
      <HSY.N> third quarter and 1999 earnings estimates due to
      the difficult start-up of the SAP software

      Hershey shares fell 1-15/16 to 49-13/16.
      Analyst Andrew Lazar lowered his third quarter earnings
      estimate on Hershey to $0.73 a share from $0.79 and to
      $2.32 a share from $2.36 for the full year.
      Lazar maintained his full year 2000 estimate of
      and a buy rating on the stock.
      -- Hershey's
      start-up difficulties with SAP software are
      expected to
      be transitional, but the problems follow a
      inventory issue that has been solved.
      -- Hershey shares
      trade at a discount to other packaged food stocks and
      below its historic relative premium over that segment.

    • Don't forget - Tim Lambeth was a 30 year Wrangler
      man (primarily finance background) before he came out
      to be President of Lee. Fred Rowan's leaving left
      everyone scrambling at Tim was the choice out EAST to lead
      Lee. Even though I wasn't a big fan of a lot of
      Rowan's tactics, he DID have Lee focused again before his
      leaving. One of the problem's as I see it is that focus
      also collided with the upper portion of Wrangler's
      market and the "bubbas" wouldn't stand for that.

      I also heard Tim is back from Europe to be involved
      in the coalition "party". Perhaps the Europeans were
      glad to be rid of him? I would imagine they'll be
      happy to welcome Terry back.

    • My understanding is Lambeth was recalled from
      Europe to take over the common system program from Tom
      Payne. Payne, the brilliant strategist who concocted and
      led VF's system reengineering fiasco, was previously
      VP Ops for Wrangler. Don�t you just love it? Top
      dollar operations and marketing execs totally focused on
      a seven year old system project. Meanwhile, back at
      the ranch �

    • and I see that Tim Lambeth happily sold stock
      earlier this year at 50 and left the rest of us to hang
      in the breeze.
      Do you think he is buying now?

      or is he helping make things better?

    • ...Started with Fred Rowan and then took a turn
      for the worse with Tim Lambeth. Lambeth ran it into
      the ground. Don't blame VFC for not keeping them
      focused - it was the upper management of Lee looking for
      short term savings that have destroyed a once respected

      The Lee "boys" lost out to the Wrangler "bubbas" due
      to Lee's poor management - plain and simple.

    • You are correct that the Lee brand was a strength
      since when they were acquired. However, the former Blue
      Bell Companies (Wrangler, Rustler, Red Kap, etc...)
      became more profitable in the early 90's, while Lee
      struggled to find the niche it lost in the world of

      And as you can see from the priliminary 3rd qtr
      statement, Lee is still struggling. Sure, people will blame
      Lee's demise on the Common Systems effort, but if Lee
      was truly a strong entity within the corporation,
      they would not be phased at all with what is going on.
      I don't know if Lee's internal management became
      complacent, but it sure looks like no one was at corporate
      was giving them the attention they needed to keep

    • One question that needs to be answered is how
      much are the outlets contributing to the total sales
      and profits of the company. At one time is was 6% of
      sales and close to 10% of profits. Does anyone know is
      this still true?

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