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  • zaffrono zaffrono Jan 24, 2004 10:29 AM Flag

    Are they selling the newly issued share


    Earning is good, company has no problem, yet we see the price is still under $1. Therefor, I beleive they are selling the 150 million new shares. This is the only possibilty I can think of. This stock should have been 1.20 by now.

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    • Wow, if this is the ONLY possibility you can think of, then you better stop trading NOW before you lose it all. They increased the authorized MAINLY for M/A purposes, it is right in the the proxy I received.

      The PPS is NOT at $1.20 because You and a LOT of other traders think that is where it should be, on this date, at this time, and because that IS logical PPS, and $1.20 is still way too low.........don't you know that trading days and processes have to run the course to get to where it deserves to be......It will be there and then some but NOT on YOUR terms, nor the hint?

    • They might be infusing the new shares because of some merger or acquisition. This is the main purpose of the new shares being approved. I am of the belief that this is already happening. THis can be a good thing if they do it right and a company that will add to the bottom line will propell the stock price.


    • Bud, you need kick back from the meth.
      You better buy some books and study B4 trying the market.

      Boy they come out of the wood work, don't they?

      maKin mon e

    • Where is the evidence that they've released 150 million new shares? I've seen no press releases stating this. I to am very concerned that a company with a 2.8 million float can trade over 48 million shares the past 2 days and not go up significantly. Leads me to believe that there is some type of distribution occurring on the open market or someone or some entity is illegally driving the stock down.

    • My God ..... some messages yours in particular, make me think .... who the hell are some of you people. This company announced earnings only last Thursday .... what, you want to be a millionare? Overnight? Get on the game show then .... this is the stock market, and your playing with some of the smartest people on earth. And they want to take your money. Do you get that yet?

      This stock has not announced any actual earnings numbers since mid last last year. It went up to a buck twenty on hope and speculation. And then without any newer numbers for half a year, it fell back to 60 cents on fear. Now they finaly announced something .... something good, and you want it to be your pot of gold overnight.

      You either get a clue as to how the markets work, or it's going to eat you for breakfast. IMO this stock has the potential to make you alot of money. You best learn more about how the markets work while you still have some money to trade with.

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      • Kauai

        Another intelligent post from you as usual. I enjoyed your input on TFSM too specially during the infamous battles with the brewskih character.

      • Dont waste your typing time. There are some posters on this board that must be in grade school. You never know who you are talking to.
        I am very happy with the profit they reported. There appears to be an extroadinary item that increased the profit but they were still profitable none the less. Im not sure how many shares are in the float at the end of that quarter. The only concern I have is that the float really increased in the 1st quarter of 2004. But as long as there is a profit the stock should move higher. Its times like these where you compare a small profitable company like ECGI to a BFUN or some of the other goofy high fliers and you wonder, is the price of the stock so low becasue I own it?? I see this stock as an easy winner. Once they get their reputation back its a 6-8 dollar stock.

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