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  • sunshine_man101 sunshine_man101 Mar 12, 2004 9:17 AM Flag

    Thought of the day

    What state is the President from? Texas.
    What business has he and is he making his money from? Oil
    What country has the SECOND largest oil reserve in the world? Iraq.
    What are gas prices now? Close to $2.00

    So, the next time that you go to the gas station; think of the blood that has been sheed for what? Oil and money!?! Or, their excuse; WMD?

    Also, it seems that some laws have been passed to help Corporative America and their response has been to ship more jobs overseas and cut jobs in America or just cut jobs as Lance has done...

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    • Salem,

      I wonder how many ex-lance employees and stock holders grow tired of your postings? Few of us were born or married into a proverbial silver-spoon situation like you were. If you worked in the lance plants or drove a sales route for the majority of your life, many would be sympathetic to your self-serving ramblings on this board. Instead you pander to the causes of a poorly run company that you have no control over but champion their ineptitude. You are such a simpleton, only post on this board when you have objective information that you can serve as definitive information. The company would be better off with a leader like Disher instead of the clownish Stroup. I personally knew both men in the 90's and found Stroup to be a bufoon who surrounded himself with impish "yes-men". You seem to fall in this category. Some advice: take some introspection of who you are and what your intellectual limits are and keep your opinions limited to this board. The majority of the posters on this board are ex-lance employees who were dedicated employees that gave their all to this sub-standard company and were not given the means to provide for their families.

    • >>>that does not necessarily mean I agree with their methodology all the time, only the end results...<<<

      Which, are? Don't cut the dividend out even if it means to continue to downsize, cut Brand Name Sales, routes, treat employees with little or no respect, re-state figures on somewhat of a regular basis,, etc....???? It seems with the dividend draining the company, along with the CTC, of working capital; something will give sooner or later...

    • Little Bill, (�I will back TEAM LANCE on everything!!!�) we all have the same goals, �a strong and healthy bottom line, however, there are many routes to take in achieving that goal�� that does not necessarily mean I agree with their methodology all the time, only the end results...

    • Salem, looks like your cousin Salem(or, is he called lickin Salem?) sold quite a few at between $8 and $9...

      Also, quite a bit of activity from the insider's; wouldn't you say? CTC, get that money while the gettin' is good!

    • Just as I thought, you failed to answer a very simple question. What is so great about the current performance taking into consideration all of the acquisitions, recipe changes, route reductions, layoffs, hi-tech equipment purchases, and warehouse expansion? Shouldn't we be seeing a bigger bang for the buck? All we have seen is low morale, low profits, reduced dividend, and lower stock price.

    • Oil is not the issue in the invasion of Iraq. Remember Saddam attempted to assasinate George Bush Sr. in 1992. If you are elected to the most powerful position on the planet would you not exert your power to take out the would be assasin who was trying to assasinate your father, think about it.

    • Ask your sister Nancy aka chicken_little101 or better known as sunshine_man101

      About the 33.333% less dividends, you're lucky you even have a dividend at all�

      The House you live in, the Food you eat, the Clothes on your back, the cars you drive, are compliments from the House of Lance�

      If I were you, I would be thanking each one of the board members, including ex-board members such as your sister�

      If you now look at your portfolio, �there not much LNCE stock there now��

    • One question for you. Why have the EPS and the revenues decreased since the restructuring occured. The company is paying out 33% less dividend than they were before Cape Cod, Tamming, Outpost and all of the changes in routes, recipes, and restructuring. Does anyone have an explanation for why performance was so much better in the pre-Stroup era? All of the chest-thumping about Team Lance is misdirected, in my opinion.

    • Dear chicken_little101,

      You know, if you would stop throwing gas on a fire, smile, and be nice, that just might work, or have some merit.

      Making positive comments, and constructive statements, may, get you a lot closer to the �Rose Bush� so you can smell the Roses,� however, a haphazard approach will most likely get you a scratch or two.�

      Me being a joke within the Family, well that�s your opinion, and who knows maybe even a few members with the Family, and/or Extended Family, nevertheless, my accuracy on calling a problem, and/or a fix, well it speaks for it�s self�

      For myself, the management is in place at TEAM LANCE to do the job� chicken_little101, you may not approve of the path they are taking, however, �the outcome� has yet been achieved, and when they hit their home run, I am sure you will have all kinds of negative comments to make.

      chicken_little101, Enjoy Life�

    • sunshine_man101
      What is goin on did Salem just name you and your Wife????
      I thought this msg board was about LNCE stock & managrment bashin?

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