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  • chl7s chl7s Feb 14, 2009 9:47 AM Flag


    Welcome back stock holders. I had to make this a 2 part because of space limits. Please read the first part of speak up stock holders if you haven't done so already.

    4th, give the sales rep a new title to sale route manager and a liitle more power of controling it. Like, who we like to keep as moms and pops. For example, i've been trying to dump this one store for 6 frigging years that has a 27 dollar average, if that! It's frigging crazy.. I get told can't drop it because low customer numbers. Have to keep all the customers we have or we are going to have a reorg and then it will be drop, but it never does. Well for us sales reps if we could manage our own routes and have the power to do it, we would weed out these 2 dollar and 70 cent accounts. We would have less of a paycheck and much more time to build a better route to replace these rat holes, which comes back to a happier sales rep, which in turns makes him more money and stays employed with lance, which cuts the cost of hiring a new sales rep, which makes the company more money and you the stock holders too.. Sales route manager!

    5th,, have the promo designers to come up with a smaller cape cape display these 4 foot squares are just to wide. Knock off a foot and make it 4 bag deep. That just a liitle deal that i just threw in... The greatest deal about the promo displays is that we get stock rooms full when promo comes around.. I will have 1 store on promo and i will get 10 displays, no lie!
    right now i must have 30 displays, i would say about 600 pounds of cardboard and i'm sure i will get a few more when promo happens again.. After all my years here thats the number one waste that could be stop so easy, but it's like talking to the wall, in this case i should say talking to wood and i do talk to the cardboard when i trying to work around the piles of it..

    we do have a metal wire cracker display on wheels, but it only holds 8 cases instead of 12. The good thing about it, the store managers have no problem to have it brought in because they can move it around. Its light weight, easy to manage and it holds enough product until your next date of service with no buy backs!! The best thing about it it doesn't get thrown away and saves a tree, which in turn helps to save the world. Which is the best thing we all can do no matter what the cost is!!!!

    by the way, lance has made a wire rack for our big bag of fries which is way to heavy, to much metal was used to create this back breaking costly thing. I have no idea who design and authorize this crazy display and they all should be recalled and melted back down to create something more cost effective, it's a total waste of your money!
    well, enough said for now, the main thing i just wanted to comment to you stock holders is the way they could set these routes set up and be more profitable... Sorry for any missed spells and have a good year....
    speak up at your stock holders meetings..

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