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  • wwallace43 wwallace43 Jul 11, 1999 8:06 PM Flag

    1.5 million unplanned?

    Can anyone explain the $1.5 million in unplanned,
    pre-tax costs related to a major information system
    implementation? I would
    think that a new system would take 1
    to 3 years to complete if
    you include the
    initial planning stages. A company this big does
    decide on Monday that a new system is needed and by
    Friday have it working. Planning and installing a
    information system is
    not an easy job.

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      have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
      Art thou
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    • You guys have a culture of being afraid of any
      other opinion that is not in line with your own. you
      really try to suppress opinions from within unless they
      were reached from on high. Suggestions become
      challenges....questions are viewed as negative attitudes.....sincere
      concern voiced becomes foot dragging...on and on. You
      supposedly solicit employee comment but from what I can
      understand the atmosphere is very critical when done so and
      there is a latent resentment to follow from supvisory
      personnel. you have a lot of good people that would help if
      you would let them. Your reaction to contrary opinion
      on this board is just another manisfestation of that
      culture. Don't think about the comment...don't attempt to
      understand what motivated it...just squash it and quickly.

    • Does someone know your password? I do not believe there could be
      a duplicate mail ID.

    • To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

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      The way to dusty death.
      Out, out, brief candle!
      Life 's but a walking
      shadow, a poor player
      That struts and frets his hour
      upon the stage
      And then is heard no more: it is a
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

      Signifying nothing.

    • I hate being corrected for English errors. BA
      MFA, you'd think I'd 'a know'd better.Also, Mr meany,
      I have never stated any economic theory in here
      other than intentional gibberish, so how's it, (you've)
      managed to conclude I'm ignorant in that regard? I'm
      smart enough to not take anything posted in here
      seriously. Sorry about the dickhead comment, if you�re not
      one. You seem hostile to



    • Hello Freddie and Salem:

      Wow! I really struck a nerve.


    • Someone using my handle...

    • Please say you are not Salem Van Every, Family
      Member. For if you are, your last post was embarrassing,
      and you are totally classless. Say that, someone is
      using your name, or let that llama clone make those
      idiotic rebuttals.
      I was (at first) impressed when
      you had signed-on to the message board, and
      understood investors� anger, disappointment, and
      inquisitiveness in their postings. I thought, maybe, you were a
      stand-up type of guy. But, I�m getting more confused about
      who you are. You speak in �lock-step� with that
      �twatchee� character. If you guys represent a major position
      with the company, which I presume you do, �what�s
      wrong with the company?� has been better answered on
      this message board than in any SEC filing.

    • A common garbage fish... also a common ("Dick Head!!!")

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