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  • Freddy_Llama Freddy_Llama Sep 24, 1999 5:12 AM Flag

    Take the ball...

    Yeah, you can take the ball and go home. I don't
    want to talk. Game over. If you want to delete
    messages, here's the link:

    But, what does that say? He's gay? That was a message.
    SO WHAT? Where's this company going? Hey, Freddie?

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    • Thanks judas for directing me to your post. I thought this babbling joke was nothing but a family memeber who gained an "inheritance" rather than work for it. I get really pissed off when I see people who act like they know it all and take a "free-ride" in life. Don't get me wrong, its nice to see that some people have "lucked up" in life, but hey, don't promote yourself to the world like your the one responsible for getting Lance where they are today when you did or do absolutely nothing yourself. Do you see all the hype under his finishing posts? "Founding Family Member" PUHLESSE...... I bet that Salem wouldn't last a week on a Lance sales route once the temperature goes over 80 degrees. But hey, I bet the real founder would have...Obi-Wan

    • I haven't posted in a while, so I am not sure
      what you are referring to as far as "Nice ID" and so
      on. I am afraid you're right about the 1st, 2nd and
      3rd generation, here is a tip though, I'm none of
      these. I can't imagine you would have shorted this
      stock. Also, you've been watching too much TV, nobody
      needs a loss. As for pissing on investors, you have me
      mistaken for someone else, anyway, the changes that are
      killing Lance now were incorporated in the seventies.


    • Freddie, your're back! Nice ID. Wow, you
      constantly amaze yourself! God will get you! Whoa! That's a
      new slant. I like humor, but come on now. Give me a
      little help. WHAT IS VANITY WORTH? Hey, this board is
      for humor, not for facts, but ... what's the phrase?
      "The first gereration makes it. The second generation
      enjoys it. The THIRD generation loses it". That's you,
      boy! Your're history repeating yourself. And, your
      peeing on investors! That's a joke. I didn't buy stock
      in this company to think it was a viable company. I
      was making so much in other companies, I needed a tax
      loss. What a great company! You go, girl! I want my

    • To Go Lance: Earnings are what wins, not
      teamwork! Results are what is needed. Do you understand the
      market doesnt value teamwork but results, results
      results. Again SELL THE COMPANY while there are some value
      left in the assets.

    • Purchase your main event tickets now. Cost: Free
      to all of the hard working present and past company

      Location of match: HEAVEN

      Participants: Lance
      Corporate vs Mr. Lance and some of the founding Van Every
      family members

      After all has answered to God
      for our deeds while on earth we will have our meeting
      at a location in Heaven to be named later.
      Great Mr. Lance will at that time have some questions
      like why did you change the original formula for the
      best selling cracker in the world? ( TOASTCHEE
      Maybe at that time Mr. Lance himself will distribute to
      all attending the meeting a sample of the cracker
      that is the prefered cracker in heaven.
      Why did you
      battle with competition for many years only to hire some
      of these same people from these companies to fill
      key positions.
      Why could people within our own
      organization that fought the hard battles through the years
      not be noticed?
      The questions will continue until
      Mr. Lance has had enough. The battle will start. It
      could be a battle of words and then again it could be a
      battle of physical strength. Only the angels with all
      their strength be able to settle such anger as only can
      be imagined. Mr. Lance and Company kicks some
      All of the hard working people of Lance
      congregates again and while we feast on the original
      Toastchee plus all the other food products availiable to us
      the losers of the battle will be forced
      to eat
      their product for eternity as part of their
      To all the good employees of Lance Inc...
      continue fighting the battle and follow instructions. If
      our corporate leaders make mistakes that cripple our
      company they will answer for the mistakes.

      Lance is watching.

    • Which Pepperidge Farm nitwit clone are you? The
      carnage continues and Paul sits on his thumbs and
      calculates his personal safety net. Paul, you bring shame on
      your company and your family name. There is no Team
      Lance. It's all over but the crying.


    • Teamwork WINS!!!

      Go TEAM LANCE...

    • Your message is right on the money. How can the
      individuals on this board talk of a $40 stock when the
      numbers keep coming in as they do. The market knows
      however and it is reflected in the stock price. The only
      hope is to sell the company. SELL SELL SELL!!!!!!!!

    • Some of you sound like the �Old preverbal long
      tailed cat in a room full of rocking

      Congratulations to the �PD9 YTD Leader Board� Keep up the good
      work, and those increased double digit sales coming

      Roadnet Territory Planner to support Route

      Customer Response Center (CRC) open, and was created to
      provide improved support to field SALES!!!


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