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  • Does anyone still want in at 13

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    • but at least there is no fear that Sidari or his boy Fields will follow. PF wouldn't have those clowns back. (Can someone explain how Lance ended up with those rejects in the first place?!?)

    • Salem, Salem, Salem

      Rather than mock
      people who are posting serious concerns about the
      company, let us step back a second and think about your
      post about who the corporate officers would be when
      you opened up an annual report.

      Let us also
      take away your last few posts which continue to say
      nothing about the real health and long-term viability of
      the company but rather have turned into a
      cheerleading session held by a person whose inheritence
      capital has been seriously diminished during the greatest
      bull market in history and is reduced to being a
      "coupon clipper" off of a dividend.

      given the state of the company, the downward trend of
      earnings over the last few quarters, the inability to run
      an operation, the loss of key contracts, and some
      very dubious acquisitions, please tell me how having a
      different slate of corporate officers or directors could
      hurt. As for the names on the inside, obviously there
      is some anonominity required for net postings for
      protection. The real question is whether or not the concerns
      raised and the suggestions are fair. Most of the people
      you reference are either expressing displeasure in
      company direction, suggesting areas for improvement, or
      ways to unlock value which appears to be eroding.

      When the only thing that people who defend the company
      can say is "Go Team Lance", we have confidence in the
      management team, or that we are getting better with no facts
      to back up their sentiments, it seems that those
      views ring hollow. One could then rightfully come to
      the conclusion that all you care about is keeping the
      ship afloat for the next 20-30 years to continue
      receiving a dividend check.

      Salem, it is possible
      that people not affiliated with the company and have a
      vested interest in share price appreciation (read public
      stockholders) have experiences which may benefit Lance. It is
      not only people who grew up running a cellophane
      wrapping machine and are now in charge that may have good

      I am a little embarrased for you concering your
      last post and my impression is that expectations for a
      southern gentlemen were a little higher.

    • Salem, it's nice to see you practicing your new
      found skill of "cut and paste" with the board members.
      You keep going 'round and 'round but say very little
      containing substance. If I could sit around on my lazy
      fatass and get paid like you do, I'd cheer them on too.
      You are misinformed, whether you realize it or not.
      This company will be bought out, because you're too
      blind to see what's really going on and too rich to
      What's that? A clean slate of executives? I'd turn this
      company around within a year, guaranteed. It's a matter
      of sound decision-making and market savvy. Something
      neither you nor anyone of those in your list have shown.

      As long as you get a fat dividened check you'll keep
      cheerleading, regardless of how this company is
      So take your pills, have a drink, and relax...'cause

    • You also won't find Salem Van Every, family idiot
      either.I see one of Dominic J. Sidari's PF boys got smart
      and returned to Pepperidge Farms. Kind of brings to
      mind the image of rats leaving a sinking ship, don't
      you think? Or does that STUMPH you?

    • You also won't find Salem Van Every, family idiot
      I see one of Dominic J. Sidari's PF boys got smart
      and returned to Pepperidge Farms. Kind of brings to
      mind the image of rats leaving a sinking ship, don't
      you think?

    • Salem, you forgot my name. I'm running for Investor relations.

      Sydney Lee Marshal

    • Can you imagine when the new annual report comes
      out; you open it up, and find a clean slate of
      Corporate Officers and or Board Members with the following

      (�popsie4091, mroutspoken2000, zzbiggs, slugphart,
      calmguy_2000, sevencolumn, ADAVE99, auntiebelle, iemoney, and

      No, that�s NOT going to happen� However, here�s what
      you are going to find;

      Paul A. Stroup III �
      Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive
      Richard G. Tucker � President, Lance Company
      B. Clyde
      Preslar � Vice President, Treasure and Chief Financial
      Greg M. Venner � Vice President of
      Dominic J. Sidari � Vice President of Sales
      L. Rudy
      Gragnani � Vice President of Information Systems
      D. Leake � Vice President of Human Resources
      Dean Fields � President, Vista Bakery

      This is

      GO TEAM

      Salem A. Van Every, III
      Founding Family
      Lance Packing Company

    • From what I have gleaned from the "FIELD", which
      includes Sales Representatives and Branch Managers, the
      TEAM LANCE is turning things DOWN and not around.
      There have been so many new people put into high
      management positions that have started up new programs that
      did not work and left messes. For example the new
      Home Pack routes that caused a lot of hard feelings
      and turnover. This and other mistakes have caused
      negative attitudes.I firmly believe until the TEAM LANCE
      starts living up to the Lance philosophy, nothing will
      get any better.

    • We need more feedback about territory segmention.
      Lets hear from the front lines.Reps,BMs,perhaps some
      DMs too.After all this is not the Emperors new
      clothes. This is your investment and carreer.Lets have
      your opinions now!

    • I'm sure you understand that.

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